What should be done before the restaurant

restaurant is now in the vast majority of consumers in the life has been very important, the restaurant is also a lot of consumers to do some social activities more appropriate place. Based on the analysis of the market, in fact, the choice of operating a restaurant, is more correct, and its profits are particularly rich.

The first is

choose the location of a restaurant to give priority to return, "this shop can earn much money?" of course, the guests gathered in the local restaurant is the best place. For example: a large number of pedestrian areas, residents concentrated residential areas, etc.. The location of the survey is to understand the following:

The first is

characteristics of various sections, according to the different sections of the location can be divided into 8 categories: commercial center, residential areas, near the station or traffic arteries, Shijie, enterprises and institutions, focus on tourism scenic area, economic development zone, the suburbs. Make an analysis of these locations to see which location is more suitable for you, and find the appropriate type of restaurant.

is also worth mentioning: that affect the future city construction may bring about restaurant management. If the business was booming restaurant, because in front of the establishment of an elevated road, pedestrian walking inconvenience, resulting in a disastrous business. Thus, in the shop before the location factor to do the investigation, the local government should also go to the city planning department to understand the future development of the construction of the lot.

The second is to investigate the

What should the investigation

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