Sell creative insect jewelry can also be worth millions of home

is different from the ordinary jewelry, the jewelry and insects the indissoluble bound, style is novel, easy to be able to catch the eye, get a lot of consumers, so the market support rate is very high, business is booming.

learning expertise to lay the foundation for success

4 years in the University, Zhang Kangliang will focus on dealing with and all kinds of insects. He used to buy scholarship potassium, hydrochloric acid, eosin staining, tweezers, glass, plastic and other sealing materials and tools, making insect specimens, during the university he made hundreds of insect specimens, which makes his specimen technology has reached a very high level.

it makes him a bit tempted: making amber specimens should be relatively easy, but the amber jewelry cost is not high, the profit is not small, and he is majoring in this production, products sell better than these, maybe selling amber jewelry can really go out of a way to get rich.

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