Yuexi Anqing comment on Star on the hero to stimulate Entrepreneurship

now has become the enterprise a times theme, at the same time, in every place are actively encourage and promote the development of entrepreneurial activities since recently, in Anqing, Yuexi in order to stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of some party members and officers further launched a lot of initiatives.

"Star Award listing" is not once and for all, but the year of assessment, assessment of violations as substandard level party members and Party members in the family members, will be delisted falling star". For the two consecutive time as a star of the party members, the Party branch will be considered unqualified party members, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the party constitution.

"this year" five-star ", if next year falling star or delisted, party face no light. This encourages farmers party members always firm ideals and beliefs, strict demands on themselves. At the same time, it can also allow farmers and their family members to accept the supervision of the masses.   "Song Xingfang said.

In fact, for the majority of the members of

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