Fuzhou Software Park alliance fund investment risk assistant resolve

in our daily life, we usually put their idle funds out of investment, but because of the information is not timely, to some extent, led to an increase in risk. Yesterday afternoon, the provincial science and Technology Department, the provincial Commission by letter of the second Strait innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum held in Fuzhou software park. At the meeting, the Fuzhou Software Park fund was officially inaugurated, the establishment of the fund alliance, can help investors to effectively reduce the cost of communication, defuse investment risks.

it is understood that the join of all types of investment institutions covering PE, the angel round, A round of investment in different stages, and to achieve the "state-owned + private" and "local + foreign" fund alliance form, form a coordination platform of mutual trust, effective recognition and convergence of talent.

The establishment of

Fuzhou Software Park fund alliance, is a market behavior, for the majority of investors will provide more convenience, but it is worth noting that, said the chairman of the Beijing software and information service exchange meeting, is currently working with the Fuzhou software park was established to negotiate soft exchange matters in Fuzhou, the fastest next year is expected to fall. After the completion of the soft exchange, the standardization of software transactions can be realized, and the problems such as asymmetric information and difficult pricing can be solved. Light assets of software companies can also use intellectual property mortgage, which is more convenient for loans.

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