How to open a green shop Small series to analyze for you

environmental protection has become the country’s development goals, people’s awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger, then in the moment, open the home on the environmental protection of the store? Green Point? Such a green investment projects, in the end how? Following on from the whole network Xiaobian to your specific analysis!

A, green baby like green club

is located in Chengdu Chifeng road light rail station has a home owner, and give it a lovely name called "green baby". Here is a display of lavender, his fragrance, green dragon lock and other 50 kinds of plants, is out of the ordinary, they are cultivated in two inches to five inches large in small pots. These mini pot shape unique, exquisite chic, very popular with young people.

"green baby" owner of Miss Zhao and Miss Tang is childhood friends, talking about the original intention, they said "by accident". Their work is good, arguably life can be, but work for nearly 10 years, felt sluggish to normal life, so the initiation of the idea of entrepreneurship, but in the choice of entrepreneurial orientation is not the direction. On one occasion, Miss Zhao’s birthday, Miss Tang intends to go to IKEA to buy a small potted plants to her, and found that the huge international home stores, bonsai styles and types are very small. The chance that they found opportunities with Miss Tang science and architecture, and gardening with some edge, so they clubbed together to open the home square.

"green baby" although only "half", but the operating conditions are very good, has a group of "old customers", also added a number of business of the company, group purchase plant Zubai etc.. Miss Zhao told reporters that their gardening workshop is more like a green Club: where to buy the pot in the store’s customers will receive free decorative beads and fertilizer plant; if the "sick", "medical" gardening workshop will provide customer service; also by E-mail about the plant maintenance problems; even a man on a TV show, "green baby" as a mini pot to the girl.

B, analysis: a new direction of small horticulture

The status of

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