Nanjing extraction of housing provident fund to pay rent business processing time extended to six mo

although the standard of living in the continuous improvement, but people are facing the pressure of life is growing. Nanjing in order to ease the pressure on people’s housing, encourage the extraction of housing provident fund to pay the rent, and will be extended to six months of business.

Nanjing (real estate) housing provident fund management center yesterday released on the extension of the extraction of housing provident fund to pay rent business processing time notice. "Notice" that is convenient for the further extraction workers housing fund to pay the rent, the center since June 1, 2016, will extract the housing fund to pay the rent business for the time by every June and December extended to June each year to December, for time extended to the first half of the year, and the extraction times adjusted for once a year.

in the context of high prices, low-income families, new employment and city housing difficulties, and rental housing or rent after the first buy gradient consumption, it is relative to the reality of the "housing" approach, it is in this context, from the fund to pay the rent to the country and the government’s policy orientation.

last year, Nanjing workers from the provident fund to pay the rent of the threshold has been gradually declining, the first is to relax the provident fund to pay the rent, as long as the employee housing provident fund deposit for over 3 months, and the spouse, and no housing rental housing in Nanjing within the city, they can apply for couples housing provident fund then, for the payment of rent. Subsequently, the abolition of the extraction must be issued without proof of housing provisions.

Nanjing currently has many people housing provident fund, we have not done the statistics, but last year, June and December for two months, there are a lot of people come for this business, centralized management is too big, it will be extended to six months for time." Nanjing housing fund management center official said.

it is understood that the Nanjing workers and their spouses in the city’s administrative area without their own housing and rental housing, the annual housing fund can be extracted from both sides of the couple to pay the rental housing costs.

rent of public rental housing, according to the actual amount of extraction in rent calculation; rental housing, unmarried workers from the amount of calculation is not more than 900 yuan per month, the couple married employees total withdrawal amount is calculated by no more than 1800 yuan per month. Nanjing rents rose only 4%

a year

compared to the rapid rise in the price of new houses, Nanjing rent prices relatively stable, there are up or down. According to 365 rental data statistics, the average rent in Nanjing last year began to decline in August last year, in January, after the rise in the year to April, the city’s individual rental housing rental price of 2322 yuan / month. Although the rent has been rising for 4 months, but only a small increase in April last year, a total of $99 recommended

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