Korean restaurant decoration style four

investors want to invest in Korean restaurant friends to see, to say there is no market to join the Korean restaurant market prospects? The answer is, of course, yes. Korean cuisine is delicious, attracting a large number of Chinese consumers. As a result, many Korean restaurant franchise business is very hot, so the market also attracted a large number of investors. However, you want to open a Korean restaurant franchise, first of all you need to know how to improve the style of Korean restaurant stores. So, what are the Korean cuisine restaurant decoration style?.

Korean restaurant four decoration style introduction

1. Volkswagen style

popular Korean barbecue shop is the main force in the Korean barbecue franchise, the largest number. Volkswagen South Korean barbecue franchise business varieties are relatively simple, raw materials in the middle and low based flavor to the majority of local people can accept the taste of the main. This type of Korean barbecue stores to their own characteristics, size, grade, service differences in the consumer each have their own status and image. Has its own unique characteristics, moderate price and the lower cost of Korean barbecue with the popularity of popular flavor, seat rate and turnover rate is higher.

2. luxury style

luxury Korean barbecue franchise, decoration facilities, beautiful environment, the Korean barbecue is very particular about the production. In addition with the general characteristics of Korean barbecue shop, which is unique for higher prices, high quality Korean barbecue, superb service and dining environment unifies with advanced cooking and service personnel, the service object with high income.

3. fashion style

fashion type Korean barbecue stores the foot work in store decoration design, attaches great importance to the Korean barbecue franchise, and fashion elements into them, and referring to the western dining environment, create a petty bourgeoisie, completely different oil stores in the minds of consumers everywhere and Korean barbecue flavor aroma impression. Fashion Korean barbecue stores to implement " gourmet beauty device " the idea of the glaze, flowers and exquisite utensils and dishes to combine creative. Those dishes of porcelain is very beautiful, the pendulum is also very good, the dishes come to the feast, so that consumers feel comfortable in this dining environment.

4. style

flavor of Korean barbecue stores is to reflect the unique diet culture has a strong local flavor, single cultivar, but has great influence on the Korean barbecue stores, often has a representative, is a comprehensive reflection of the historical, regional and nationality. This type of South Korean barbecue stores more stereotypes, than

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