Enshang Teppanyaki suitable for small investors

for small investment entrepreneurs want to open a brand barbecue shop, how to do? Yes, food and beverage project is a good barbecue, but would like to choose a small investment that can be difficult. Small as you recommend a Enshang teppanyaki. Enshang Teppanyaki is a suitable for small investors venture brand project, why choose project must brand?

brand barbecue market prospects

barbecue market prospect is summed up "green broad prospects, smoke-free environment better, do not underestimate these two summaries, inside knowledge can be big, what this sentence is what mean? Green refers to healthy food, refers to smokeless barbecue without pollution. Why do not mention the characteristics of it? Is not the characteristics of the barbecue stalls is not important, in fact, it is only two more important.

brand barbecue shop development

it’s important to understand the true meaning of green and smokeless. In fact, if you want to know the 2014 barbecue market prospects, is to look at the statistics is of no use, the most important thing is to you to go to practice, statistical data is just a reference, but each person is a unique case, can not be generalized.

the Yingshang Teppanyaki stores

1569 Enshang Teppanyaki equipment has the advantages of simple operation, good use effect, no warping deformation, easy to clean, make your work easier in cooking. The equipment can be installed inside a fume purifier and fan to replace the air pipe, Enshang Teppanyaki purifying rate reached more than 95%. Equipment for the integration, integration, assembly and disassembly, suitable for electricity, gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas. Provide a sound marketing system 1569 Yingshang brand operation headquarters for WeChat partners, attention, membership card management software, unified marketing, help store effective lock customers, proved by practice, the repeat ratio increased by 30%.

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