first_img View post tag: Malabar Authorities View post tag: US Navy Back to overview,Home naval-today China denies spying US Navy carrier in Japanese waters Responding to reports of a Chinese spy ship entering Japanese waters while spying on U.S. Navy aircraft carrier John C. Stennis (CVN-74), China’s Ministry of National Defense released a statement saying the Chinese warship conducted “normal navigation and training in relevant waters of the Western Pacific on June 15, 2016.”To remind, Japan’s Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroshige Seko told reporters June 15 that a Dongdiao-class intelligence vessel entered Japanese territorial waters west of Kuchinoerabu Island while it was spying on the U.S. Navy’s Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis which is taking part in the U.S., Japanese, Indian naval exercise Malabar 2016 in the Western Pacific.Additionally, speaking at a regular press conference Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang said: “Chinese naval vessels were on an exercise in far seas as scheduled in the annual plan, during which they passed through the Tokara Strait.”“It is worth pointing out that the Tokara Strait is for international navigation and vessels from all countries are entitled to innocent passage in these waters without prior notice or approval. Japan insisted on playing up this issue while knowing clearly this fact, and that’s why we have every reason to question its hidden motives.”However, USS John C. Stennis captain Gregory C. Huffman confirmed to media that a Chinese vessel began shadowing the drills and the aircraft carrier from a distance of about 7 to 10 miles. He added that the vessel followed them from the South China Sea. View post tag: South China Seacenter_img June 17, 2016 Share this article View post tag: USS John C. Stennis China denies spying US Navy carrier in Japanese waterslast_img read more

first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare ALABAMA STUPIDITYMaking Sense by Michael ReaganDemocrats can dream all they want.They and their soulmates in the liberal media can celebrate the victory by Doug Jones in Alabama’s U.S. Senate race until next fall.They can continue to fool themselves into thinking that Republican candidate Ray Moore’s narrow defeat was a sign from above that the Democratic Party will regain control of Congress in 2018.And that Moore’s defeat will prove to be the beginning of the end for President Trump.But what happened on Tuesday in the reddest state in America – the state Donald Trump won by a landslide – was not a harbinger of the death of the GOP.The Moore-Jones contest was a bizarre one-off – a controversial, nationally publicized, expensive, hard-fought special election featuring a horrible Republican candidate that will go down as one of the most embarrassing races in modern electoral history.Jones, the Democrats and Trump-hating media have good reason to high-five each other over their victory – in the short run.But the biggest loser on Tuesday was not President Trump, who publicly supported Moore in the final days.It wasn’t even the incompetent GOP, whose meddling national leadership made Jones’ seemingly impossible win possible.The biggest loser by far was Steve Bannon, Roy Moore’s chief cheerleader and future puppet-master.Moore was his “flawed” candidate, as I’ve heard some people in the GOP call him.“Flawed”?I’m not an establishment Republican. But I know stupid when I see stupid.MOORE WAS ACCUSED OF SEXUAL MOLESTATION!AND HE WAS NOT ABLE TO CONVINCINGLY DEFEND HIMSELF!That’s why Moore lost.That’s why so many Republican women stayed home.That’s why so many Republicans would not put their party’s political interest above a candidate who had been credibly accused of molesting teenagers decades ago.That’s why 22,780 Alabamans cast write-in votes – 2,000 more than Jones’ margin of victory.Moore and his backward brand of Christian “conservatism” were an embarrassment to Republicans long before he was accused of molesting teenagers half his age.No matter how important it was to preserve the GOP’s slim majority in the Senate, President Trump and the Republican National Committee never should have jumped back in the game and backed Moore.Now the Moore loss is hung around their necks – and they’ve given the Democrats a great campaign ad for the 2018 elections:“Hello voters. We don’t support child molesters. Republicans do.”Nevertheless, all this happy talk in the liberal media about the Moore-Jones race being a referendum on Trump is simply not true.It was a referendum on Moore and Bannon. That’s all.In fact, President Trump actually dodged a bullet when Moore was not elected.Moore would not only have been an ongoing GOP embarrassment. He would have been a Bannon puppet in the Senate, not a Trump puppet or a Mitch McConnell puppet.What Republicans have to do now to keep control of the Senate is what President Trump said – find better candidates.That’s not going to be easy.Anyone running for office today has to be willing to have anything bad they did in their entire life plastered on the front page of the local paper.Everyone, including me, did something wrong or stupid in their life they don’t want to see made public.So President Trump may want the GOP to find better candidates, but good luck on that.Jesus died on the cross a long time ago.EDITORS FOOTNOTE:  This article was posted by the City County Observer without bias, opinion or editing. EDITOR FOOTNOTE: We hope that this article will provoke “…honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way? This article was posted by the City County Observer without bias, opinion or editing.last_img read more

first_img Facebook WhatsApp Twitter Twitter By Brooklyne Beatty – January 28, 2021 0 332 Google+ Pinterest Facebook WhatsAppcenter_img TAGSCommunity Foundation of Elkhart CountydentaldentistfacilityGoshenIndianaMaple City Health Careofficeopened Google+ IndianaLocalNews Pinterest Previous articleLocal students eligible for Indiana Sheriff’s scholarshipNext articleBenton Harbor accepting applications for recreational marijuana permits Brooklyne Beatty New, affordable dental facility opens in Goshen A new dental facility has opened its doors in Goshen.Maple City Health Care opened its first standalone facility this week near Maple City’s health care center on the north side of Goshen.At full capacity, the facility hopes to serve 2,300 people each year and specifically hopes to provide care for families with tight budgets, according to WSBT.To help with costs, the Community Foundation of Elkhart County provided a $156,000 grant to buy dental chairs and equipment.Maple City Health care has also hired a complete staff to run the facility, including a full-time dentist, two hygienists and two dental assistances, along with front office workers.last_img read more

first_imgPhoto: Paul Citone 2018 was a big year for the beloved jam band known as moe. The calendar year saw the rock band returning to their normal touring schedule thanks to the return of bassist Rob Derhak following cancer treatment in February, and fans were thrilled to have the full band back and firing on all cylinders with shows taking place again throughout the year. The band celebrated the New Year with a pair of shows at the Kodak Center in Rochester, New York on December 30th and 31st, with the latter performance being played to a sold-out crowd. The band’s New Year’s Eve gig on Monday was filled with a mix of acoustic and electric sets, in addition to a few notable covers as they looked to carry the strong musical vibes into 2019.The first of three sets (plus an encore) for the night began with a six-song run of acoustic performances beginning with “Time Again” and a cover of Little Feet‘s “Willin’”. Next came a cover of Tom Waits‘ “Time”, which was the band’s live debut of the 1985 folk tune. The opening set continued with a trio of moe. originals, including “Macintyre Range” being played for the first time since 2013, followed by “Shoot First”, and “New York City”.moe. returned for the second set with their instruments now plugged in as they began the next phase of their show with a transition of jam-friendly tunes starting with “Billy Goat”. The eight-song set meshed into two parts with the band then charging into “Defrost”, “Sensory Deprivation Bank”, and “Who You Calling Scared”. Following a brief pause, they started into “Sping Of A Dog”, which launched into another transition of tunes going right into “Buster”, “Pastorus” and “Silver Sun”.The start of the third set saw the clock ticking closer and closer to midnight as the band began with “Seat Of My Pants” > “Akimbo”, and going into “New Hope For The New Year”. “Raise A Glass” was played as fans celebrated the timely arrival of 2019 at 12 a.m. before the band played their first song of the new year with a cover of Steely Dan‘s “Reeling In the Years”, featuring some guest vocals courtesy of Rob Derhak’s daughter Emma. The set and show came to a close with “George”, followed by a one-song encore of “Not Coming Down”.The band shared the video of their entire New Year’s Eve performance to their Facebook following the show, which can be watched below.moe. will head back out on tour next month with a run of winter performances scheduled to begin on February 15th with two shows at the State Theatre in Portland, Maine. Fans can click here to purchase tickets to shows on their upcoming winter 2019 tour.Setlist: moe. | Kodak Center | Rochester, New York | 12/31/2018Set One (Acoustic): Time Again, Willin’ (Little Feet cover), Time (Tom Waits Cover), Macintyre Range, Shoot First, New York CitySet Two: Billy Goat > Defrost > Sensory Deprivation Bank > Who You Calling Scared, Spine Of A Dog > Buster > Pastorus > Silver SunSet Three: Seat Of My Pants > Akimbo, New Hope For The New Year, Raise A Glass, Reeling In the Years* (Steely Dan cover), GeorgeEncore: Not Coming Down* w/ Emma Derhak on vocals Load remaining imageslast_img read more

first_img Read Full Story On September 25, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Sustainable Development Goals, a new global agenda to replace the Millennium Development Goals. The 17 new goals include 169 targets to be met over the next 15 years in such areas as ending poverty, improving gender equality, and taking action on climate change. Aaron Bernstein, associate director of the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, recently answered three questions about the SDGs.A number of the goals and targets broadly touch on environmental policy, particularly goal #13: “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.” Are these sorts of lofty goals helpful?The SDGs reflect humanity’s best intents and reflect a deeply thought-out agenda on what we need to do to make the planet as healthy as it can be. And, they call us to really strive for worthy ends.Many people may criticize the goals because they are broad, lofty, and sometimes a bit unspecific. But, if nothing else, they provide an important point of reference.I’d argue that the underlying motivation of the SDGs is to ensure the healthiest possible future for ourselves and our children, and that really goes to the core of what we do at CHGE.last_img read more

first_imgAt Wednesday night’s student Senate meeting, members discussed NDSP’s SafeWalk program, as well as student readership programs.Student body president Lauren Vidal co-authored and presented a resolution during the meeting.“Student government would like to work with the Notre Dame Security Police to revitalize the current SafeWalk program in an effort to institutionalize safe, efficient and expedient transportation during the evening hours,” she said.Revitalizing SafeWalk, which was a part of Vidal and student body vice president Matt Devine’s campaign platform, includes the initiation of a program similar to those at several other universities around the country, including the University of Florida (UF).The UF police department currently uses a “Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol” (SNAP) to provide students with vehicle transportation between locations. Notre Dame hopes to integrate this concept by adding golf carts to the present SafeWalk program in order to increase efficiency and accessibility to the student body.Devine said in addition to the integration of golf carts, student government also hopes to make SafeWalk more popular among students, emphasizing safety.Freshman Cavanaugh Hall senator Ashley Calvani suggested highlighting SafeWalk during freshman orientation.“I think it would be really important … if you could get it in freshmen’s faces so that they would know exactly what it is and what its for,” she said.When taken to a vote, the resolution passed.At Wednesday night’s meeting, Senate also discussed the student readership program. Each year, student government purchases subscriptions to three newspapers ­— the New York Times, USA Today and the South Bend Tribune — for the student body. The print copies of the papers are available in North and South Dining Halls, Hesburgh Library and LaFortune Student Center.Currently, student government is evaluating the program, questioning if the three newspapers currently supplied are the best choices for students and if print newspapers are necessary if online access is supplied.Freshman Alumni Hall senator Scott Moore spoke in favor of maintaining a print subscription.“A lot of people still do like a print copy in their hand in the dining hall,” he said.Although less well-known, online access is currently available for students through the student readership program, Devine said.Sophomore Keenan Hall senator Ryan Rizzuto expressed concern over the choice of newspaper subscriptions stating that improvement could include the addition of The Wall Street Journal.“In my finance class, my professor tells us that we should read The Wall Street Journal every single day, and it’s kind of frustrating that we don’t have access to it,” he said.Vidal said to manage the high cost of The Wall Street Journal, the readership program would have to exclude another paper. She also said Notre Dame receives a discounted rate for The New York Times through USA Today’s collegiate readership program.“If we scrap USA Today, we’re looking at a higher price for The New York Times,” she said. Tags: readership programs, SafeWalk, Senatelast_img read more

first_imgBy Nelza Oliveira/Diálogo September 20, 2017 The Brazilian Army (EB, per its Portuguese acronym) is gradually replacing its troops’ most used weapon, the FAL 7.62 mm M964 automatic rifle, with the IA2 5.56 mm assault rifle, the first rifle containing 100 percent Brazilian technology. Through its press office, EB explained to Diálogo that the replacement process began because the institution has employed the FAL 7.62 mm M964 rifle since the mid-1960s. According to the press release, a portion of these rifles is already showing signs of being worn out per the standards of military hardware life cycles, which regulate how long the company’s equipment can be used. According to EB, this new weapon offers some advantages over the FAL 7.62 mm M964 rifle. For example, it is lighter, has a higher-capacity magazine for ammunition (30 cartridges), and can be fitted with sight- and target-selection devices, as well as having less potential for collateral damage when used in urban environments, as its size is suited to close-quarter combat. “There are now almost 8,000 of these IA2 5.56 mm assault rifles in use. The replacement will happen gradually, determined by the availability of budgetary resources, with a forecasted completion in 10 years,” EB stated. Longtime forerunner The IA2 5.56 mm assault rifle is being produced in one of five units of Brazil’s War Materials Industry (IMBEL, per its Portuguese acronym) in Itajubá, in the state of Minas Gerais. This state-owned company was founded in 1975 and is linked to the Ministry of Defense via the Army High Command, which manufactures arms, munitions, explosives, and other items and equipment for the defense and security sectors. According to Brazilian Army Colonel Marcelo Muniz Costa, a corporate communications advisor for IMBEL, the new rifle’s main improvements are its rotating bolt-action system and its use of Picatinny rail mounts which allow it to be fitted with various devices, such as tactical lights, laser sights, rapid-target acquisition scopes, night vision scopes or precision targeting scopes, tactical grips, and grenade launchers. In addition, new ergonomic elements were used along with a lighter, high-resistance polymer material, resulting in better handling and less weight – 3.38 kilograms unloaded. The FAL 7.62 mm M964 rifle weighs one kilogram more. Col. Muniz explained that IMBEL’s first projects on the way to the IA2 5.56 mm assault rifle began in the first decade of the 21st century. This new product is an evolution from IMBEL’s 5.56 mm MD97L rifle, which was researched in 1995 and tested in 1997, thus why it has 97 in the model number. “Exhaustive testing for the development of the IA2 5.56 mm rifle was done at the factory. The tests were varied in nature and purpose: sand, dust, high and low temperatures, resistance, 8- to15-second submersion in water, safety, and accuracy. There were also field tests, which took more than 100,000 rounds of ammunition to complete,” Col. Muniz said. “All of this development effort culminated in a smaller size weapon, one that is light, reliable, resistant, easy to handle and maintain, and able to be fitted with various optical/optronic or tactical devices that transform the IA2 5.56 mm assault rifle into a veritable weapon system.” New product evaluation by the Army Evaluation Center (CAEx, per its Portuguese acronym) began in 2011, adhering to international standards as well as EB’s own Basic Operating Requirements and the Ministry of Defense’s Joint Operating Requirements. After CAEx approved the tests, it was manufactured in 2013 as a pilot lot of 1,500 units for operational certification by EB, which initiated its adoption in 2015. New prototype From then on, the IA2 5.56 mm assault rifle was used by EB for security in large events such as the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and in strategic programs such as the Integrated Border Monitoring System, as well as in the 26th Brazilian Contingent of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti – a group that will end Brazil’s participation in that peacekeeping mission. The IA2 is available in automatic, semi-automatic, and repeater versions for launching rifle grenades at a rate of 600 shots per minute. The project investment, according to EB, was about $16 million. Each unit of this new rifle costs EB about $2,022, whereas the old rifle costs about $1,580. According to Col. Muniz, the Brazilian Navy and Air Force are also studying the possibility of adopting it as a standard weapon. “Certain nations have shown an interest in the IA2 product line, particularly our South American neighbors and some African nations. The company foresees the possibility of exporting these products over the midterm, given their current demand in Brazil, as represented by the various orders placed by public security agencies and by the gradual replacement of the current FAL 7.62 mm M964 rifles used by the Brazilian Army,” Col. Muniz added. A new 7.62 mm rifle from the same IA2 product line, manufactured by IMBEL, has already been launched and is now in its testing phase. “The prototype of this IA2 7.62 mm assault rifle is ready and is being evaluated by CAEx. After the prototype is evaluated, the pilot lot will have to be tested. As soon as that is finished, the rifle will be ready for distribution to the troops,” EB confirmed in its press release.last_img read more

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Three men have been arrested for their alleged roles in an attempted armed home invasion in Elmont that the victim thwarted by holding the door closed on Friday morning, Nassau County police said.Nazir Babury, 20, of Elmont, 36-year-old Jason Mifsud of Woodmere and 22-year-old Dujon Ellis of Laurelton were charged with burglary and criminal use of a firearm.Police also charged Babury and Mifsud with stealing a rifle during the burglary of a Baldwin home on Wednesday.Barbury was additionally charged with reckless endangerment for shooting the rifle at a 22-year-old man Friday in Woodsburgh after the suspect and the victim got into an argument in the Mazda they were in, police said.Barbury missed and the victim was not injured as he ran away, police said.All three will be arraigned Sunday at First District Court in Hempstead.last_img read more

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr NCUA Chairman Rodney Hood continue reading »center_img NCUA Chairman Rodney Hood Thursday called on the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) to exempt credit unions from the current expected credit loss (CECL) standard. Since 2016, when the standard was issued, NAFCU has continuously urged FASB to exempt credit unions from the standard due to their unique capital framework and the negative impact the standard could have on the industry.“We applaud NCUA Chairman Rodney Hood for urging the Financial Accounting Standards Board to exempt credit unions from complying with FASB’s CECL standard,” said NAFCU President and CEO Dan Berger. “NAFCU has pushed hard for credit unions to be exempt from this onerous and costly accounting standard as it could place significant strains on credit unions’ capital levels, particularly amid the coronavirus pandemic.”NAFCU has worked closely with the NCUA to reduce CECL’s burden on the industry, most recently asking the agency to press FASB for more relief for credit unions in a discussion with NCUA Board Member J. Mark McWatters last week. NAFCU also reiterated its CECL concerns to Hood during a February meeting; NAFCU has consistently shared these concerns with Hood since he took office last year.last_img read more

first_imgThe giants are largely missing out on the Mrs Hinch effect. Household sales are down in three of the big four and flat at Morrisons [Kantar 52 w/e 7 October 2018].Meanwhile, discounters and specialist retailers are cleaning up. Aldi and Lidl saw double-digit gains of 17.8% and 13.3% respectively and though Poundland was unable to reveal sales figures, it has also recorded a spike in interest within household.“Cleaning influencers have made the category ‘sexier’.” says a Poundland spokeswoman. “They’ve allowed us to inject more fun into the category and be more creative and innovative with products and displays”Also thanks to the Hinch hype, online household and healthcare wholesaler Easho’s Instagram followers have grown to over 200k since it set up shop in 2017.  Cleaning products (cont)Elbow Grease – 151 ProductsAstonish Mould & Mildew Blaster – The London Oil Refining CoViakal with Febreze – P&GStardrops The Pink Stuff – Star BrandsMr Sheen Multi-surface Polish – Reckitt BenckiserLenor Tumble Dryer Sheets – P&GLenor Unstoppables – P&GDuck Fresh Discs – SC Johnson The cleanfluencer community keeps very staunchly to a grey and silver décor palette. Though you may wonder how this applies to cleaning products, Minky has already capitalised on the trend by bringing out a grey M-cloth – which crashed its site and sold out within hours of appearing online. Though pine is better known as a car air freshener, having the continued endorsement of Mrs Hinch has boosted its popularity in the cleaning aisle. She’s such a fan, instead of saying she’s cleaning her toilet, she says she’s “pining” it. Expect to see more forest and pine-scented cleaning products hitting shelves.  Brands that have received the ‘Mrs Hinch treatment’ can testify to the impact on sales. Vileda has seen a 98% increase in value sales of its spin mops over the past year. Sales of The Pink Stuff have rocketed 350% in the past six months, according to owner Star Brands. Unilever says sales of Cif Stainless Steel have grown by two thirds following Mrs Hinch backing. And Zoflora has had to invest in a multimillion-pound manufacturing and packing facility in order to cope with increasing demand.Here are the products that have been given the Hinch seal of approval: Which microtrends should retailers be aware of?There are four smaller household trends that we can associate with the cleanfluencer movement: Hauls Pine scents GreyWax meltsHauls Cleaning is the new cool. Or so goes the mantra of the growing army of people polishing their sinks, collecting Zoflora fragances like they’re perfume and calling their dusters Dave. We’re talking about cleanfluencers – a social media community that loves nothing more than streaming themselves scrubbing their toilets and washing their floors on Instagram. The leader of this movement is none other than Sophie Hinchliffe, aka Mrs Hinch (above). She’s the ex-hairdresser who began filming herself while cleaning her home in early 2018. This simple idea has amassed legions of fans (2.4 million on Instagram) who mimic every wipe of her cloth and start cleaning conversations on their own accounts – her so-called #hincharmy.  Mrs Hinch has a deal with P&GFor brands lucky enough to feature on these social media posts, it’s in essence a free marketing tool. “From a marketing perspective there is nothing more powerful than word of mouth,” says Astonish Cleaning Products’ head of marketing Katy Clark, who saw sales increase by 15% across the business last year after Mrs Hinch endorsed products including its Mould & Mildew Blaster. “Mrs Hinch personifies real people telling you about real cleaning problems and solutions.” Showing off a #HinchHaul is an initiation ceremony for the cleanfluencer community. The hashtag is filled with users showing off the trolley’s worth of cleaning products they’ve bought that day. Users will typically coo over the disinfectant bottles as if they were a newborn, with heart eye emojis and comments such as “so beautiful” and “wow, heaven”. They’re also fans of posting their “Narnias”, aka the cleaning cupboard (pictured). So any in-store activity that can make these hauls an easy shop is likely to attract fans.Pine scents Grey To say Mrs Hinch’s fans are dedicated would be vastly understating the situation. A quick scroll down any of her favourite hashtags reveals everything from cakes decorated with edible Zoflora bottles to bizarre Hinch-themed manicures complete with fluffy dusters. Wax meltscenter_img Tools Pledge Fluffy Duster – SC JohnsonM Cloth Cleaning Pad – Minky HomecareM Cloth Glass and Window – Minky HomecareThick Moppets – SpontexMicrofibre Kitchen Set – Spontex1-2-Spray Mop – ViledaSph2onge – Sph2onge Cleaning products Zoflora – Thornton RossCif Stainless Steel – UnileverCif Cream – Unilever1001 Carpet Fresh – WD-40 CompanyFebreze Fabric – P&GDettol All In One – Reckitt BenckiserHarpic Active Fresh – Reckitt BenckiserAstonish Germ Clear Disinfectant – The London Oil Refining Co.Mr Sheen Multi Surface Polish – Reckitt BenckiserFlash Bathroom with Febreze – P&GLenor Fabric Conditioner and Tumble Dryer Sheets in Spring Awakening – P&G In partnership with,Ellis HawthorneEllis looks after the day-to-day running of thegrocer.co.uk and The Grocer’s social media channels, alongside creating and co-ordinating digital content. Which retailers are benefiting from the cleaning boom? Which products have endorsement from Mrs Hinch?The sheer reach of Mrs Hinch is evidenced by her high follower count and engagement rate on social media.Done a bit of research + @mrshinchhome has the HIGHEST authentic engagement rate I’ve ever seen in a ‘none celeb’ influencer. HypeAuditor shows: *93.6k authentic engagements Per POST*94% of followers are highly engaged*NO paid or fake followingNot all influencers are fake👏 pic.twitter.com/fRm75F423S— Ellie Wray 🤓 (@EJTordoff) May 14, 2019 Beyond cleaning, Hinch has also kicked off a wax melt obsession across the country – Google searches for them have been surging since 2016. For those unfamiliar with wax melts, they are chunks of scented wax that are placed on top of tealight burners, allowing the user to cocktail fragrances together and/or change fragrances more regularly than they would with one large candle. And, unsurprisingly to Hinch fans, ‘Zoflora wax melts’ is also now a breakout trending search term. “We are a female-founded company, disrupting the archaic and traditional wholesale model by creating a consumer-facing lifestyle brand experience predominantly targeted towards the female shopper,” says Easho co-founder Sonya Chatwani.“Over the last six months we have experienced a significant increase in the number of our customers who organically choose to post about their shopping experience with us including photos of the products they have bought alongside our coloured boxes.” Ellis joined The Grocer and moved south in 2015 after working as a local news reporter in her home town of Glasgow. Ellis doesn’t work on a particular patch, and you’ll find her writing about a vast range of topics across the universe of food and drink, but she specialises in own-label, culinary trends and internet food culture. Her influence is so strong that a whopping 60% of people who have heard of her say they’d buy something purely on her recommendation, according to exclusive research for The Grocer by Harris Interactive.So what’s behind this Hinch hype? Who’s benefiting? And which micro-trends should brands and retailers have on their radar to cash in?For Unilever, it’s all down to psychology. “In times of uncertainty, we know people often want to feel closer to their local community,” says Gemma Cleland, Unilever UK & Ireland vice president of home care. “That can see them choosing to spend more time at home and, as a result, become more house proud – turning to the likes of Mrs Hinch and the other cleanfluencers for inspiration. We see people retreating to the comfort of their home, switching clubbing for cleaning.” According to our research, social media is fuelling this cleaning mania. Almost 30% of people say that social media makes them clean more regularly and 31% say it makes them buy more cleaning products.  Follow Ellis on Twitter: @ellishawthornelast_img read more