is perhaps now people’s material conditions have been improved much, perhaps because of the lifestyle of people, in short, there is now obese distressed crowd is really the attitude, brings more space for the operation of the store to lose weight. However, you want to open a good diet, naturally also need to have more business points. So, what are the key points to lose weight store operations?

1, operating slimming shops, customers want to see is the most effective, so try to do more cases. The more cases, the higher the degree of customer trust. read more

to a shop with a good name, not only has the relevant methods, but also the relevant principles. We only have to grasp this principle, to be able to play a more appropriate name. So, what are the names of the fruit shop?

1, the name of the fruit shop should give people a sense of beauty and artistic accomplishment of good name, cultural heritage, so that consumers feel comfortable. As such in the name of praise.

2, what are the names of the fruit shop? The fruit shop name must match the name of goods store and management method, can usually reflect the operator’s operating characteristics, or to reflect the excellent quality of the main store, so that consumers easily identify shop business scope, and have the desire to buy. read more

network transmission speed, coupled with such a free platform, so the birth of a lot of popular language, the "big pressure" is a. Do you have a big pear hill? This network buzzwords have been popular for many years, the so-called "pear" is the "pressure" homophonic, it is said that because Baidu Post Bar a wit will naturally or half unconsciously "pressure" into a "pear", attracted millions of people Post Bar imitation. The big pear hill has gradually become popular. read more


said many times, sales staff and customers are in the opposite position, however, if the sales staff can be a lot of customers think, this business can be more popular. A few days ago, I went to a mall to buy clothes. May be the reason why few people, a few clothes store staff are listless, the customer asked, they answer a, no enthusiasm. After visiting a few stores, the waiter seems to be such a contagious person, the author of the fun of shopping aside.

came to another shop, a young waiter warm and cheerful greetings to the author’s interest to improve some. Then, I heard her sweet and said: "you look at the first phase, which clothes I’ll give you a try." Used to look at some of the staff talk rapidly marketing, free choice of the waiter to the author to make people feel very comfortable. read more

will not give the name of their company or shop, it does not matter, as long as we can grasp the relevant points, to operate a suitable name for the shop will be very simple thing. So, what is the name of the beauty salon?

What is the name of the

beauty salon? When you are ready to give up when the company name, there must be a lot of new ideas, this is really a good thing to stimulate your creativity, but don’t play word games to randompacking, made up of words or phrases as your company’s title. You may ask, how can there be a lot of companies are so named, but also very successful, such as the United States famous Verizon telecom service providers? read more

children are innocent and lovely, have a very strong curiosity about things, like to play, if the child’s knowledge of textbooks by rote, it is obvious that the child will have a psychological conflict. In order to let the children do not lose at the starting line, many parents want their children to sacrifice a lot of time to play the cultural curriculum learning. Puzzle learning desk to become the darling of the market, Apple’s brand of this puzzle learning table in the market is very popular. read more

children’s clothes, although it looks unremarkable, but the profit is very impressive, if you have a plan to start a business, is a good choice for children’s wear shop. How do children’s clothing store business? How to manage to be able to make money? Today, we support a few strokes.

children joined: open shop profit method chain stores


business there are many forms, before opening chain stores to determine a good. How to open a children’s clothing store in order to promote profitability, at the beginning to know the mode of opening a chain store. Open chain stores have their own model alone, and others to join the venture as well as entrepreneurship in this way, the first to open a chain store to solve this. read more

a wonderful business competition can help companies to bring good entrepreneurial projects, can help entrepreneurs to achieve entrepreneurial dreams, to inspire more entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

2016 (Luoyang) through the Silicon Valley innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (hereinafter referred to as contest) start soon, with a total bonus of 2 million 700 thousand yuan. Contest launch ceremony press conference will be held in early April in Luoyang.

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