restaurant is now in the vast majority of consumers in the life has been very important, the restaurant is also a lot of consumers to do some social activities more appropriate place. Based on the analysis of the market, in fact, the choice of operating a restaurant, is more correct, and its profits are particularly rich.

The first is
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introduction: stunt to in the world rushes out a career, whether you are engaged in what industry must have a certain technical ability, including soft power. For small entrepreneurs, there are four skills can not learn. People who want to know may wish to read the following articles together with Xiao bian.

A, the correct evaluation of their own strength

the strength, not only refers to your economic strength, but also your business strength. Read, read, learn a lot of entrepreneurial information, information, experience does not mean you can go to business. Before the start, to re evaluate your own, summarize their own advantages and disadvantages, there must be a correct evaluation of their own, in the business on the road not only do not underestimate yourself, do not raise their. In a word, it is necessary to correct positioning of their own business intelligence and entrepreneurial potential can be inspired and improved. A considerable part of the entrepreneurs after many years still do what are not successful, the main reason is because there is no correct assessment of the strength of their positioning error! Once found wrong, immediately correct is not too late, you have to do is, basic skills training, gradually accumulate experience and wealth. Remember: it is useless to blindly envy others, to be successful, we must think of ways to use a variety of commercial practice as soon as possible to form a real experience for your own special experience and thinking mode. read more

now the whole domestic Home Furnishing jewelry industry development, at the same time, the Home Furnishing jewelry industry in great demand, there is a good market opportunities, there are a lot of people ready to shop, before opening Home Furnishing jewelry stores must investigate what the problem?


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Most of the

media coverage of the success of the entrepreneurial experience, may make some new entrepreneurs believe that the success rate is high. Here we need to emphasize that the road is a flat road is also a single plank bridge, from here to fall river failure is much more successful than many people.

2015, the Yibin youth Li Jiao is the ups and downs of the year, in this year he started three times, failed two times in the depressed do not even know exactly how to go ahead, 2016 will be doomed is not easy, but he is still on the tiptoe looking forward to the unknown. read more

do you believe that a photography store has been focused on one thing? In fact, the operating principle of this shop is very simple, it is not only required to consider the bigger and stronger, doing fine, so you can specialize in, by virtue of a technology to conquer the market.

"right time, is to seriously do something" is the movie "sushi God" in a line.

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China since there is an old saying: details determine success or failure, is in fact to tell people what to do, all need to pay attention to the details of the content, including the people in the process now hold some merchants exhibition, also need to pay attention to some details.

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many friends want to start a business, but the need for a lot of money to open the store, because most people have limited funds, online shop is a lot of people choose. It is well known that the shop price is relatively cheaper than the physical store, therefore, the online shop must find cheaper than the store’s supply of goods, then how to find a new online shop cheap supply? Here are a few tips for you.

1, first look at the wholesale market

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would like to have a taste of the atmosphere of the project, the opening of the coffee shop has become the first choice of many people, and favored by fashion people. So, for practitioners how to be able to run a good taste of the coffee shop? It is necessary to know how to operate a coffee shop.

good location

the appropriate location is the key to the choice of coffee business, once friends said: if a coffee shop can choose a good and appropriate point, the success rate of more than 70%. If the customer footprint is sparse, even if the construction of the style of the shop, how attractive the display of coffee, sales are also difficult to achieve the ideal. The principle of a coffee shop is to build a shop where it can attract customers. In particular, a small coffee shop, but also should pay attention to the choice of location, which will be the starting point for the success of the coffee shop. read more

successful business proposal, just for entrepreneurs, it is necessary to look more. It is like a compass to show you the way to success. Next, let’s look at the advertising company founder Sara · Rotman and billionaire · the entrepreneurial proposal of the.

  "the best advice I ever received came from my first accountant, when I was discussing how to create my company." The advertising agency MODCo (with its customers in Wang Weila (Vera  Wang), pure faith (True  Religion) and Tang Qi Park (Tory  Burch)) founder Rotman said, "we are talking about my business plan, and to borrow much money to create a business, she said: as long as you have wisely enough cash, can barely survive can do;   not a lot of money to make you feel comfortable so much. It’s important to be afraid from the start."

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now many shopkeepers are so big business, the customer is polite and smiling, if business is small, if not to make money, to the customer indifferent, even increase processing. In fact, regardless of the size of the business, we all need a good service attitude, so as to be recognized by customers.

every morning to open the door is the first thing to move out of the store, display, sample. To move out as much as you move much, can let passers-by to increase the degree of concern can make room for goods store does not loose. read more

With the gradual improvement of the market economy, more and more people eager to integrate into

, eager to be their own boss, entrepreneurial wealth! So what is the best business this year, what business is the most popular? Let us preview!

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agricultural development is a fundamental. The era of modern agricultural production is moving into the era of information technology, science and technology, agriculture has become a public entrepreneurship, especially migrant workers to return home for the first choice of College students. In recent years, Shandong actively promote the development of the province’s agricultural science and Technology Park, providing strong support for rural entrepreneurship.

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in our daily life, we usually put their idle funds out of investment, but because of the information is not timely, to some extent, led to an increase in risk. Yesterday afternoon, the provincial science and Technology Department, the provincial Commission by letter of the second Strait innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum held in Fuzhou software park. At the meeting, the Fuzhou Software Park fund was officially inaugurated, the establishment of the fund alliance, can help investors to effectively reduce the cost of communication, defuse investment risks. read more

environmental protection has become the country’s development goals, people’s awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger, then in the moment, open the home on the environmental protection of the store? Green Point? Such a green investment projects, in the end how? Following on from the whole network Xiaobian to your specific analysis!

A, green baby like green club

is located in Chengdu Chifeng road light rail station has a home owner, and give it a lovely name called "green baby". Here is a display of lavender, his fragrance, green dragon lock and other 50 kinds of plants, is out of the ordinary, they are cultivated in two inches to five inches large in small pots. These mini pot shape unique, exquisite chic, very popular with young people. read more

shop location is a commonplace topic. In fact, there are a lot of recommendations, but whether it really applies to you, you need to look at the actual investment in their own. If you want to find a good location, can learn a lot of experience. Xiaobian finishing a few points, hoping to help you find the ideal location.

your business industry and your chosen location in the store is a good shop. The downtown area is not necessarily a good location. In some places, the surface, heavy traffic, crowded, but not many visitors place. This is the new shop in downtown soon failed, and in the alley business is an important reason for the red business. read more

each entrepreneur will experience novice rookie period, because of the lack of experience, do not know how to purchase, often in this regard will waste a lot of time and money, to increase the pressure on entrepreneurship. Xiaobian teach these novice entrepreneurs a few strokes, how to share with you how to open children’s clothing store.

first purchase must look at the style, do not consider the price to a. A lot of people in the past to see the purchase price, and then look at the style. Although the quality of goods is good, the price is cheap, but because the style is not good, can not sell high prices, and finally lose their own money. read more

open their own children’s clothing store is a lot of friends want to do business, because the children’s clothing market prospects are very good, so it is worthy of attention. But want to run their own franchise, pay attention to matters or there are more aspects. From the point of view of children’s clothing industry, joined the children’s clothing also has a lot of attention.

join the attention of children’s clothing in the first sales can not be rigid, can not wait for customers to patronize your store, should carry out some promotional activities to attract customers to come. Join children’s clothing store, low price promotion is the best way to attract a large number of customers to improve performance. Promotion is more important, can increase freshness. The best way to determine the effectiveness of sales promotion in order to play a role. For example, the program is to promote the purchase of the purchase of the impulse and the impulse to buy the store on the big difference. read more