September 2017

no matter whether traditional media admitted that after the arrival of the media age is already an open secret, social media companies gradually erode the traditional media business also robbed the survival of their customers. At this time, more and more entrepreneurs began to pay attention to how to get a slice in this new era.

mobile Internet began, from the use of tools, generally experienced two pieces of entrepreneurial wave: APP entrepreneurship, public number entrepreneurship.

that’s why Jobs and Zhang Xiaolong were able to divine. read more

second, the first to do inside the content submitted to some webmaster, this method increases the chain effect is very good Oh, and the weights of these stations are also high, so many people browse. Five commonly used nets have A5 and Chinaz two, personal feeling of the two stations included fast, by other Shanghai dragon website forward quickly, after all this high popularity.

fourth, can use the weight of the good forum, outside the chain of their own, this is a long process, in fact, global forum is not difficult, it is difficult to hold on, as long as you have enough patience, mix a moderator administrator Dangdang so you be nothing difficult, access to large, naturally easy hair the chain. read more


in the information technology era, promotion of all enterprises also need to rely on the Internet, but the key is to optimize the innovation of enterprise website construction.

optimization is designed to introduce the flow, expand the brand awareness of enterprises, increase the volume of products. Internet plus is a new methodology. McGrady cloud president Zhang hopes by way of the Internet, the key to enhance the user experience and efficiency. "On the construction site optimization, it took me a long time to think. Optimization of website construction is not only good and cheap things, the core site optimization from "beyond expectations.". Only do things to have the opportunity to exceed expectations, while using the Internet to promote the products, marketing costs should be almost zero." On the other hand is brought about by the Internet, cloud, McGrady (www.soowww贵族宝贝/) President Mr. Zhang joked: "I said to the traditional business of modern network, think of real industry hard, while Ma sleep can make money." read more

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

said here is a local station I do provide service for the enterprise website, I registered using the union bound is also a hundred responses to a single call, their own independent domain name, and then, I use their SEO technology "enterprise site optimization to sh419’s natural ranking.


Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

we Quzhou network is not very developed, but for the enterprise website construction company is really a lot. I get thousands of cards, it took me several hundred dollars, I was in the national data network bought a virtual host, set up a classified information website. I do not change the charge of ordinary classified information website strategy, I used to send 1 messages 1 dollars per day, then printing their own cards to tens of thousands of street, every day out of about 1000, basket, pedestrians, shops, residential and so on, is my goal, so from the beginning of the 10 days no one to send information on our website, now every day there are a few people. read more

soft can be extended, can improve the site rankings, can improve the weight, the most important is soft, can increase website traffic to improve the turnover rate. A valuable soft Wen promotion is far better than blindly one hundred times, while the soft bring user loyalty that is not to say. If you can not bring the soft flow, I can only say that you can’t write soft Wen zayang, a writer for the station: this station 贵族宝贝goodook贵族宝贝 network used the Xuanyuan literature, a soft Wen brought two thousand IP to the station one day, and this article is a few large the portal reproduced, this is the soft effect. Relatively speaking, the quality of soft Wen can not bring traffic itself is soft, not good, not to say the user psychology. A lot of soft Wen, just stand on our own point of view to write articles, and ignore the text finally face the user, rather than their own, to see their own soft. read more

IP and PV growth: grasp the opportunity, again after the event as soon as possible in the website articles, and provide some information that users want to know, usually bring the flow than before you turn on several times. Note that the content layout is secondary, the key is to make information first, which can attract click.


by hot news, for the benefits of the website:

The so-called

brings the test effect is obvious to people, "CSDN user account password database leaked" this article is about the amount of reading other articles, also took the opportunity to promote my website, let more people see, no matter their impression is good is bad, always reach the set I test the goal. But also encountered many problems, some are themselves, also got the help of friends. A summary of the hot news to enhance the advantages and disadvantages of web traffic, for those eager to catch the hot events aboard the high iron and dare not step left friends, provide some examples. read more

but if you put the search engine when SB, then you SB, by means of cheating, black chain and even framed rivals lower Shanghai dragon let normal station too much involved. So, the lower Shanghai dragon industry is an evil member of the herd victims have been stations, garbage, we do not recommend doing a search engine to live by cheating people.

The so-called ? Which is more important?

then for a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, large-scale e-commerce platform Shanghai dragon how to do it? In this regard, simply speaking, is the analysis, strategy, human resources, and implementation. Then I went through the Ma Haixiang blog platform with all the specific share: read more

      as of 17 o’clock yesterday, a total of 40 people participated in the investigation, of which 16 candidates A, 17 candidates B, 7 candidates C.
representative opinion:
      3090041: I have no Internet shopping. Online shopping cheated the lack of reliability, the case is innumerable, "

2016 is the year of short video, including two aspects:

content is the survival of the major short video platform. Short video platform, but short video after 2015-2016 rapid growth, the industry continues to shuffle, the growth of users, the entire industry is also changing, originality in the entire short video industry, the importance of increasingly prominent. In the demographic dividend disappeared, the overall flow of the market is basically stable, the major platforms in the development and retention of high-quality UGC behind, in order to retain users and traffic. With the growth of users and changes in the environment, the ability to develop original content and gameplay has become a lifeline for user retention, UGC development and platform survival. read more

as shown below:

first, in a relatively short content, a keyword appears 3 times or more than 3 times, the 3 of the same anchor text pointing to the same link.

Figure 2

chain refers to the Sina blog link in the chain refers to the internal links. I carefully observed the stand inside and outside the chain. Before the update, I think there are two places are suspected of excessive optimization. These two places are:

I began to analyze

Figure 1 The

today, why would be down right? I think, I use the white hat Shanghai dragon, there is no reason to be down right. Search engine, web server, robots settings problem, question and so on, these are all excluded. Finally I was the site of the problem found in domain, after careful analysis, the site was down the right I already know the reason: excessive optimization. read more

third, effective flow: do your traffic is not the purpose of the table, the flow for customers is the purpose, so the choice of keywords to effective flow instead of mass flow. Even if you work hard the popular keywords to the front, also do not have the high conversion rate, also will waste a lot of manpower. Such as "lawyer" as a keyword is not appropriate, the intention of the word you can’t judge the user search. The choice of keywords as "Shanghai lawyer" or "Shanghai criminal lawyer" will be better, such word search users into the possibility of customers will be greatly improved. read more


I only broadband users a common general China Telecom, recently found a strange phenomenon:


2, tn= is behind the love Shanghai alliance name.

just one afternoon in the past, finally he is drawn by Dongguan Telecom DNS hijacking! Has three characteristics: 1, hijacking time uncertain, it is difficult to trace with evidence; 2, very subtle, unnoticed, general search users are not aware of the problem; 3, DNS services have been hijacked many years of history (love Shanghai search "index.php? Tn=*_pg" will know what the situation), has no ability to get fully shows that the China Telecom background tube, great read more

is very busy recently, so write something less time, but some time ago because the site often isn’t open, resulting in Nanjing Shanghai dragon, Nanjing website optimization Shanghai love right down. Is really sorry, because I also have a lot of things to deal with. So today to write you a love of Shanghai and Google rank difference (chain article). The reason for this is because of differences in Shanghai and write love baby is more noble, today speak some chain differences.

actually read the above case, I believe you also know, sex and nobility > Shanghai read more

from 80s to the present, we just mention a certain person, read a lot of books, have culture, I >

face partners, many people dare not complain, fear of a careless, excellent, they will be poached by competitors. To side with the equity with no reality whatever to appease them, while feeling so that they believe they do great things in the world can be changed, but the future of how my heart did not end.

before the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the rulers in order to find these people, mainly rely on a large number of search and election system. In the Sui and Tang Dynasties China began to implement the imperial examination system, the system of talent selection tends to mature, how to see whether a person is "talent"? An article is enough, this is enough to a person’s mind, culture, conduct all show. If we do not have enough knowledge, structure and sense of responsibility, we can not write ambitious articles. read more

at present, we are faced with many difficulties, but I believe that love Shanghai as a formal company, they must be according to the doings, we do not blame love Shanghai, we need to work on my own, I will use the enthusiasm and efforts to become.

this morning, I love Shanghai through the search engine Taobao search sale four words found Taobao many sites all love Shanghai top search engine, combined with the recent adjustment of Shanghai love, don’t love Shanghai and Taobao cooperation? Also in the last week of a rebate website I from the love Shanghai engine sixth to now thousands, and every day I still as in the past attention these keywords information, and the results made me some downhearted. read more

himself was the webmaster, of course that the proposal is good for websites, so they will be in accordance with their solution to the day as a day to a week later, a miracle happened, the website has returned, just a week the site returned to normal, the result what I want, but did not think that you can see it so soon, after all, is not only back home, ranking also returned to normal traffic, even more than before? But also a miracle through the website to a patient.

This web page is K>

for medical sites, web site was K, ranking loss is decreased, but as can be imagined, helpless, the search engine is so volatile, it can make you happy or sad ability, this is we have to admire, the incapable of action. This is not my website the night before twelve is still good, arrived this morning found the site by K home page, ranking also will rely on the hospital website for cast to waste, I eat, extremely anxious, own a few pounds was very clear, that he didn’t have the ability to make the site temporarily returned to normal in a short time so, to find the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic-.Html Shanghai, Shanghai Longfeng), then let me explain to the site returned to normal in the shortest period of time, they said they would do our best, but still feel a little worried, but they do in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis the industry is the best, service and technology are also subject to a lot of personal webmaster and enterprise bosses appreciate. read more

single page optimization program:

single page program to solve the problem:

single page guest program optimization with our other website optimization is similar. Or that sentence "content is king, the chain for the emperor". Or the executive, but the details of that, firstly, many owners in order to make the page look a high degree of trust, simply put the content of the website with CSS hide content only to the search engines to see, but it belongs to cheating, the worst case may lead to drop right oh. So not to short-term interest risk. But we can recommend it when the single page and website real procedures between the distance to allow customers to access only to see the product page, while the middle part is blank this is a very good solution to the problem of trust. But before I see how the optimal structure of reference articles published (analysis of single page optimization (a) above) are described. read more

two: website space

web content is a key, on his website, the repeatability is too high, can not be collected; the article, not to; tools pseudo original articles, not to; I think the premise is the content of the website is a quality and related content, the content of high quality the maintenance free is not easy, but it’s worth it; the content of the website between repeatability is too high, will also be love Shanghai cancel the index, the content inside the sandbox, which included his fell again. read more

some time ago I wrote an article in the A5: "Shanghai station network optimization site in the five dragon operation", it can be learned from the feedback information, this article does help to many webmaster how to operate the Shanghai dragon. In addition, there are some Adsense in consultation: how to use Shanghai dragon to do in the station optimization? We avail ourselves of this opportunity and we’ll go deeper exchanges: the core of Shanghai dragon station optimization. The next day again and you talk about the core station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. I hope you read this article, can really help you how to do in the station optimization. read more

gives the site enough specific features of

is given and the characteristic, it is to make your website profitable, allowing users to obtain meaningful things from it, in fact, no not early, few users will no purpose to your site visit to Lu Songsongbo guest to learn the latest industry knowledge, to is not stranger to obtain the latest shopping information, rebate network is to let you spend the least money to buy the most favorite products. In short, we want to make their sites become valuable, there are things away. Thus, in my case, we mainly from three aspects, first. read more

B, to find the chain stood competition. This method is the fastest, and the best, both to ensure the relevance, but also shorten the time for friends of the chain. I find the method is not introduced, we comprehend their own

a lot of people in the chain forum, but most are not related to the forum, the forum outside the chain weight relative to this is not very good, from the perspective of correlation. Because of this the chain can seldom bring traffic and customer to us, thus causing the work time and energy cost of waste, > read more