August 2017

recently started small optimization site — Anhui talent network, although the establishment of the website time is not short, but the true number of users is not optimistic, many people will think this is the reason why the market competition, more at present, but from the angle of Shanghai dragon of the part or the need to optimize the site there are so small, every day in the study site need to add keywords and site content is what the user has not yet found valuable information ". Of course, this is a member of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners need to do the work, but the effect remains to be seen if you webmaster execution read more


then I take the initiative to adjust, updated daily original articles, and push it to the top, and then update a pseudo original article, pushed to the "recommended" plate, the rest of the article, I will look at the situation at random, regardless of its position. About a week later, my snapshots came up, with the sustained and stable included.

you know, want to get the latest snapshot, included the fastest, first you update frequency fast, followed by the quality of your high. The site, at least 2, 3 people in charge of a column, more than ten or twenty people in charge of the channel or plate, but also the cooperation of traditional news media or website first hand original source, update frequency, quantity and quality of course, no doubt, and no doubt included snapshot quickly. However, for small sites, especially one station, usually a site has 3, 4 plates, limited manpower, impossible to achieve each plate are updated every day. The station we usually updated daily two original articles is not easy. Therefore, these two articles, as we get the latest and fastest snapshot included main force. read more

put two pieces of cake free cake, one is 9 inches, the other one is 6 inches, all locked the big one to carve, is not very stupid? In fact, for the flow is not that so? This is statistics a search engine traffic accounted for, not some social software such as: WeChat, micro-blog, the public account number……

for two years, the mobile user equipment upgrade close to 3 hundred million, which is the number of terrible? For now, 1 billion 170 million, has been completely equivalent to the Chinese per person a mobile phone in the internet. And relatively speaking: Chinese computer can mean to one per person? Won the customers, won the business, advertising is not the only PC can do! But unfortunately, there is still at least one half of the site is not recognized this opportunity to mobile traffic. read more

recently friends often ask to use Chinaz webmaster tools, display the flow of Shanghai is what love, because I love it when the flow of Shanghai is zero, he did not how to pay attention to, yesterday suddenly found his love for Shanghai traffic is actually 31, is a detailed study, found the love of Shanghai index and keywords ranking are 2 main factors affecting the flow of love Shanghai, love this flow of Shanghai is actually a very accurate estimate, in fact, is also a webmaster tools to estimate by love Shanghai search engine to your site flow: read more



spider in dealing with the dynamic web page information is facing the problem. Dynamic web page refers to the automatically generated by the program page. Now the Internet developed program development more and more dynamic web scripting language, nature developed more and more, such as JSP, ASP, PHP and so on some language. The spider is difficult to handle these scripting languages generated web pages. The optimization of personnel in the optimization of the time, always emphasize to not use the JS code to improve the handling of these spiders have their own language and script. In website optimization, reduce the number of unnecessary script code, so that the spider crawling, resulting in fewer repeat grab page page read more

is now working.

The new company is engaged in the

also, during this period of time is updated every day 3-5 website information (note original). It is natural in the chain were interspersed in the article. Head, middle and tail add an article. Add the first page head (category) central link, add a product (the same category) link, the tail added links on this page. The formation of tree link is a spider’s way of love.

took over, on the website of the integrated query, first of all, the problems found is the key setting, keyword description, keywords are not usually search words, such as "small" Huizhou Huizhou in Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture crafts"…… These words, people are Speechless. What’s more, some keywords to describe keyword stack. Erhuaweishuo, the boss let me look at how to get, since it is responsible for the site, what problems can communicate with the website, is the key to solve the problem. Since we are doing business projects, such as "investment" and "project" and "entrepreneurship"…… This word is certain to appear, then the other industry Web site keywords, after making a good keyword. Of course, the new station is to be submitted to the major search engines. In third days were submitted (love Shanghai, Google, YAHOO, soso, Sogou, Youdao, Bing, can register an account, in the online business management in the background – login search submitted for domain name). read more

three, machine

site in the performance of many database operations, will also affect the site open speed, here the asp+access layout of the site is particularly significant, especially with many users to submit comment, as database lock operation, resulting in the site open.



six, many database operations

software, security and software, will affect the server environment, which affect the network speed. The server device software firewall, committed some network speed, so VPS, or independent server users install a firewall is enough. read more

The 404 page

3, allowing users to have a certain sense of trust on the site, when users access to a can not open the page, if there is wrong with the browser page, users might think the site is rubbish, do not feel so seriously, and if there is a 404 page to guide the user friendly return to other pages, so the user in mind should think the site is good, security and error handling is in place, so that users can more trust website.

second of the website, how to set up the

website set 404 page read more


From the

This site is now the

first website: new online second days included, a massive increase in the chain, the webmaster forum signature and contribute the chain occupy most, whether it is included or early website ranking rise all the way, the survival time of one and a half months:

third website: New >


4, black hat, black chain, links to purchase the results: without the use of

from the routine check and found no problems (when the love Shanghai has not made outside the chain of punishment is not coherent announcement). read more


and I came into contact with XXX, people rely on the forum, on the QQ space, on the blog, on micro-blog know, rely on the income of millions of years;

I feel shy to talk to others because of the collapse of the company performance, I said to myself: the purpose of network marketing is through the network to sell products, sell services,

because we believe that through the Internet can let you double the performance, achieve their wealth, free time;

is everything is relative, please seek technical level of network God don’t laugh at read more

Shanghai medical station due to the love of more and more strict, many medical industry websites are subjected to a number of hospitals and even the crowning calamity, was forced to withdraw from the Internet market. In this situation, operating medical station are very headache, I was one of them. The thing is the most troubled medical content, almost no medical content can be innovative, but to collect repeated countless times content, let love Shanghai and the users of your website results are very disgusted, miserable. read more

?This paper consists of

will ask you to say these, where is the evidence?

site name, as the name suggests, is the name of the one and only your site, such as my personal blog name is Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon happiness. Love Shanghai search happy Shanghai Longfeng, this website undisputed ranked first in Shanghai love home, this is the brand word.

noble official guide Shanghai dragon baby inside an unremarkable phrase do not know if you have noticed that, there is a website brand word appears in other sites, the noble baby will enhance its weight". The noble baby is clear on the website name appears in other websites can also improve your weight, but because of the reason as everyone knows, the noble baby official Shanghai Longfeng guide not in-depth description of this one reason. read more

The correlation between

Webmaster Tools The security of


here, a lot of people will blindly trust weight high site outside the chain, see the website of the other side of good quality and high weight do friendship link with each other, what is the most important for us now? Needless to say we all know your website speed is the priority among priorities, if not included in the article this site included or very slow and was sentenced to death. The speed of the website that included the website of the other side is friendly to the search engine is not enough, and the content of the web site update speed, if a site off the chain, and every update is not up to the 3 chapter, we do not consider the friendship link. To see the updated data can be used to. read more

first, we analysis the content of the website needs to stand in the user’s point of view. After a lot of time users to enter the site through search engines or other means what they hope to get what kind of information, this is the key issue we concern, such as some users directly through the search engine to search for a product to enter our website. After we dig into the relevant information, to do is related to this aspect of the news continued to expand, increase product segments, expand our efforts to update the news. In the long tail word of a user may search some industry product price is daily said in our website, we will increase efforts to the construction of long tail keywords this time around the long tail word writing related, whether it is for one level, the understanding of user needs will be the priority among priorities. We can through the analysis of website background statistical analysis tools can understand the needs of users, and so on through the QQ online customer service. read more

The number of

access to the user directly said, like the first two things every day to do is white hart to open the browser to visit our team blog with green marketing planning agencies and their White Hart studio website leisurely Sky Studio (L-SKY.STUDIO), White Hart such behavior shows that the white deer is a direct access to users in these two sites for a! A web site, the number of users to directly access and the proportion can intuitively reflect a website loyalty "number and the proportion of its own users, the more the number of users own website, this website will be more emboldened, not excessive to rely on the external links of blood transfusion, at this point on the strong position of Tencent Inc now is no domestic shake. How to increase the number of users to directly access and the proportion of? In fact, the key lies in your own awesome suck. What is awesome? Please visit White Hart earlier wrote: "how to use the powerful White Hart and pseudo original equally powerful spider seduce?" one article, after reading You’ll see. what is awesome. read more

dream, Zhuo school. Shanghai Zhuo Longfeng club two group: 121419086 group: 60873541>

and Dean of the conversation, he said, should contact all can contact the Shanghai dragon new forces, these forces together, together, everyone together to do a good job of traditional enterprises, especially for small business market of traditional education and guide the work, get it done, China Shanghai dragon foot can lead the world, like the high iron China, let the whole world to go beyond, here will be the most prosperous, the most vigorous Internet superpower. He stressed that the focus must be with the aid of a small enterprise in Shanghai Longfeng help around the country have made online business success, scattered, independent, small Shanghai dragon never should unite together to cultivate the market and enlarge the market. read more

, like the easy question library and other campus classes of APP, is the basic driver of a problem in life, and the web or application itself is a solution to the problem through a series of code calculus. Such software does not have to be publicized and can quickly get a considerable rate of transmission in this group.

capital pays for creativity

is different from other age entrepreneurs, and the spirit of "newborn calf is not afraid of tigers" is reflected more deeply in the later 1990s. Dare to do, is unique to their personal independence of conduct’s personality, this trait is attracting more and more attention of the angels. read more

that’s it. I keep this garbage station and expect sh419 to pay attention to me again. However, sh419 never visited my website again until an accident.

? !Since the

because just started doing a website, what all did not understand, used a ASP procedure to hang up, but did not have many people for a period of time to come up. Later read some webmaster class articles, said static is easy to included. So overnight, all the pages of the station were replaced by HTML, second days, my site on sh419 forever disappeared. No matter how hard I tried, sh419 never took notice of me. Because sh419 does not include the reasons, the traffic on my site is very poor, and I can not make a profit. But I did not give up the site, because doing such a garbage site, I spent a lot of energy inside, how can I have the heart to throw away? read more

as a new momentum of China’s economic development, in the first half of this year, a booming economy of shared importance. One side is the sharing of the economy, causing all the capital to chase, and constantly chasing "tuyere" enterprises have joined, and the other side because some enterprises delisting and associated social management problems triggered controversy.

venture capital, there is a very special phenomenon, which is related to venture investment contract and shareholder contract, there are entrepreneurs very detailed shareholders terms and investors in a variety of situations, but for entrepreneurial small shareholders, special terms, less and less, one of the reasons I am not very clear. In fact, many small shareholders by large shareholders on behalf of the holders, so there is no investment agreement law constraints, in this case, small shareholders and large shareholders have a good mode of communication is very important, I think we should pay attention to the following points: read more

if you don’t get market validation, this means that you’re developing a product that nobody is willing to pay for. You spend a lot of time, energy and money on the inside, the result can only be empty, you will be frustrated.

The rapid development of the industry now Wangzhuan first

framework is the framework I used to validate Bigcommerce, a company I started with. Today, Bigcommerce has more than 100 thousand paid users, with 500 employees and $125 million in financing.

second layer: this level people are generally fought in the Wangzhuan industry for more than a year, they also start from the basis of the project, but after constantly sum up slowly give up low income Wangzhuan project, almost all of them have their own Wangzhuan Wangzhuan site, blog or Wangzhuan group, also in income a few hundred dollars, or even thousands of yuan. This level of Wangzhuan fans after the operation began to summarize the experience of higher investment projects, such as bidding, the sale of Taobao, SEO tutorial, optimization project, Jiaxing Wangzhuan present at this level baby. read more