July 2017

website editor was once my dream, a position controlling text. At that time, I was just a CP alliance customer service, a chance, I went to a network company, when the editor.

that’s a young company with a young team full of vitality. I’m the only girl on the team, working with them without any inhibitions. The reality editor is not as beautiful as he imagined. He keeps repeating Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V every day, so he takes an internet name called "pirated angel". Although sometimes tired of this repetitive work, but to see website traffic rising day by day, the heart is also pretty. read more

read the headlines and expect a lot of people to laugh because the topic is too old and new. But today I feel like I have to say. In said before, is a long winded a few words of my own website. My site name: Liaocheng is optional digital network studio address: www.68xxw.com (warning: not intentionally attract spider what, in order to better explain the problem), the website just after the full moon, I set the keywords that Liaocheng website construction, Liaocheng network company, these two words are the main keywords. Now "Liaocheng site construction" as the key words in Baidu search rankings from page 20 to now sixth pages; "Liaocheng network company" as the key words in Baidu search, the original ranking has now risen to third pages Not the least trace was found. I think my website is able to have the current situation, the main thing is to update the content of the site, and now I update the site that day, Baidu can be included on the same day. For the website update, my feelings are as follows: read more

"what is Favicon?" we see almost every day, but not many people notice them. But in my experience, I can tell you that when you build a web site for your users, plus your Favicon will be the last step in this project, and users will find the change easily.

about two years ago, I built a website for a friend. When I put the site for the first time to show her, she impressed me most is: "you are still inside the browser so a small icon, how do ah?" before him those designers 6 websites are not to do this. So she thought it was very high and wanted a big website. read more

looking back on the past year, SEO industry can be described as surging, there are many industries involved in the SEO, in which the majority of medical SEO. Looking back at this year, Baidu’s search for this adjustment, making a lot of SEO industry by the weight of the blow, especially in the medical industry SEO. Because the medical advertisements, the medical editor is a non professional staff, so it will form a kind of "copying" situation, the content is too monotonous, makes the medical website user experience straight down. All along, Baidu is in the user experience and promote, to purify the Internet search environment through a series of means, the beginning of the year, Baidu has introduced the algorithm and the original algorithm, pomegranate green spark plan, from a series of big moves, we can see that the real purpose of Baidu. read more

my hometown is a small county in Hubei. 600 thousand population. In the past two years, many real estate dealers have come into the market. That led to our house prices rose. Hence the idea of making a local property information network.

one, preliminary preparation,

1: market survey about Baidu that we found that the local real estate network Shishou real estate information network has not a real significance. Belong to the kind of online property site. Although the ranking is very close to the front. But the templates are all the same. There is no local characteristic. We don’t even have a classification of towns in our area. read more

first and everybody said a case, www.aixiaonei.com  some time ago Xiaonei’s Baidu index is very high, in theory, the flow should be very impressive, I spent a lot of effort to do the first page of Baidu, but it is only the word every day I brought 300 IP, is not very funny, I think not, Baidu index lied to me, but I lied to myself. Is the word index still high, or is it 70797


(Baidu index) is a free massive data analytics service based on Baidu web search and Baidu news search. It takes curves, related news and professional reviews to make a thorough analysis and grasp the key words that you care about, and let you get the most valuable information and information on the Internet in the first place.) read more

needless to say, a layered web page must be more attractive than a cluttered web page. Because it looks more comfortable, more convenient for users to find links or pictures. How to make your pages more layered? The following is my these years some do experience feelings and experience, and to the webmaster friends to share under the.

determines whether the page has a hierarchy, and I think there are two aspects, that is, content categories and design elements. Content category is to put things similar to the best put together, not messy throughout the entire web site, so that users can not find the north. Design elements are well understood, that is, the size, color, location, etc. of text, pictures, and borders can affect whether the page is layered or not. read more

I do not know what time, the office website ideas online to see some HTML tutorials, find a CMS run from the site, the feeling is: do a website. The website run until So that is what it is. simple, just know that not just make web site so simple, what PR, weight, SEO. I am so Promotion…… a novice was full of strange words, so every day on the station network, I started the website promotion career. Really do stand to spread the difficult


after half a month of hard work, it is hard work pays off, all the major search engines can finally find small figure, can look at their IP every day, is really chilling. See an article in the webmaster online inadvertently called: ‘do station month, traffic reached 1000&, quot; look at your day with only a few flow, but let me feel despair. But I did not give up, insist every day, can flow or not, the online search many articles about the promotion, the final decision from the new location of their own website, the website has conducted the thorough revision on that day. Night sleep very dependably, dream at night is included in the amount of Baidu by read more

theoretically, there is an article in the website, or an article from the page, which usually represents the number of pages in the web site. In fact, everyone knows the truth, a web site can appear in the original article for the website that is definitely a good thing, but according to the actual situation, I have a website on it (Zhuhai Weijia, key words: fixture).

here first statement, before I was a programmer who, after doing optimization consulting station and station enterprise website, industry website related have been optimized, but are now in the hands of the site really makes me feel puzzled. It’s simple, because the website I’m optimizing is a completely new field for myself. And the relevant content in the network is also difficult to find. read more

no matter whether people would like to admit or not, capital winter has become a "new normal". From 1997 to 2015, the curse of "economic crisis every 7 years" in European and American countries has also been fulfilled in china. I believe that for many people, the impact of the 2008 financial crisis on our work and life is still difficult to remember. Work hard to find, hard to make money, buy things, especially very careful in reckoning the economic downturn and high prices, resulting in ordinary commuters in Sliced noodles on the issue, entangled in the food bowl or open to buy two dollars cheaper but no bowl full. read more

blew up a wind from the station for 08 years, the local station sites with the wind started to build, 08 to 13 years for over five years, countless local sites fall in the past five years, numerous local websites and search engines before birth, is now a series of local website can be said to be the initial victory, but this was not enough, for the vast majority of local sites is not equal to the initial victory victory.

But in fact,

is now ranked top three in many places the local website already became proud, owners and managers income jiejiegao pleased with oneself in the face of this situation, many website user experience is the monthly decline, my city is Hebei Baoding, I remember when I was in Baoding in October last year there was a very famous website, the website at that time the station has spent 3 years finally website operation success, daily traffic exceeded 4000 mark, due to poor management, it not only in the past three months, this website has been paid little attention, because the website content is copied, there are many scams abound in the website. The site’s failure to make money and ignore the user experience led to the final failure of the site. From this, we can see that the local websites were born when they were suffering, and died in the time of peace and happiness. read more

today, let’s explore the site planning method, for this purpose, access to a lot of information online, here to share with you:

we think it’s better to make sure you do what you want to do before making a website, a ship without a direction, and any wind is against the wind. In fact, as long as you are very clear you do the purpose of standing, can find yourself site positioning. Of course, the positioning of the site is based on a lot of information, many things you can not decide, often because the information is not enough, so there is not enough confidence, then I dare not make a decision. So clearly do stand to determine the direction of navigation, this time to collect a lot of information, to test your own decision! Is good method to collect information directly to a competitor’s site where a walk, see what their attraction, they put much advertising, how they are they are profitable, how to do marketing, how do they flow…… I think when you look at a large number of sites, collected some good methods, should be some idea, this time we should combine their actual situation and methods, not everyone is suitable for yourself, only with their own advantages, to play the biggest role. read more


website has been four years, very few published experience today some time I do this several years of experience to introduce, I want to say is the fundamental interests of the website or for profit, sustained by stationmaster alliance income rather than focusing to the traditional industry, the income may be much more than trash! Introduction: to talk about my own occupation, I am 26 years old from 16 years old to start learning appliance repair shop has been very good, a lot of price adjustment until 2003, household appliances maintenance, not much profits began to consider a career change, then look at the prospect of a good MP3 service. I went to Beijing to learn about the MP3 maintenance technology, and spent more than 3000 of the purchase of a MP3 firmware (firmware is the system in MP3/MP4, because the use of FLASH as storage medium, so the system is vulnerable to damage) read more

a lot of foreign trade enterprises to go abroad, to all corners of the country do business, to go abroad, let foreigners better understand their business, believe that this is a lot of foreign sites hope, but sometimes, but can not find the effective way of promotion, and let people worry about. How to find an effective way to promote, for which I summed up some methods:

1, and some using Google search

Google in foreign influence, that is the lever, so we want to search the effective use of Google, if you have a demand for your product is the name of the company to hand, copy it to the search bar, click on the search, the following will appear a lot of the company, participate in the exhibition or B2B or the association, through these, you can find more need your products and similar foreign companies. read more

wrote to just do a little bit of grassroots Adsense, if you are rookie webmaster, if you can patiently read this article, then your website construction road will be less, knock mix, more flat. If the above two can be directly back to the main layout is not satisfied.

first statement, I am also a rookie, although the contact website for a long time, from the beginning of 2000, but to stop doing, wasted too much time, so now I’m just a rookie, just a rookie old, but because I was a rookie, so I said things are easy to understand. Should be some help for you novice, at least a lot of detours, read more

[core tip] lazy Law: any excellent user experience, must be to meet the lazy human nature. Idleness is the fundamental motive force of social development. Because of laziness, cars instead of walking, calculators instead of abacus, e-mail instead of traditional mail. Nowadays, more and more services are provided to the lazy people. Moreover, laziness is human nature, and everyone is lazy. Everyone needs services that can be lazy.


lazy Law: any excellent user experience, must be to meet the lazy of human nature. read more

Ali mother as a small and medium-sized websites excited for a long time advertising platform, recently seemed to appear not only Jingshenbuzhen, Baidu alliance and Google Adsense’s revenues are not affected, even those who also live website alliance abnormal moisture. This allows the industry to put their subversive hopes left.

Ma is a smart person, almost never do anything steady work, he is playing concept, is capital, is influence. From the Alibaba, Taobao and Alipay, Ali software, without exception are the ideal can make people crazy, almost all and all Chinese and even the whole world linked to the project. read more

In fact, the

website for several years, made a IT website in 2004, after joining the Zhongguancun online station, certainly earn a little money, but in the end because of some reasons, from the original one out and made a IT website, because I have been in the computer market has worked for several years (in fact is the machine of IT) so a better understanding of this website, feel better to do. Since 2007 after the new website has no money what money, in addition to the cost of the server, he bought a computer, my wife bought a computer, my dad bought a second-hand computer, bought a digital camera, get a driver’s license, the body is empty. No money you have to think of ways to make, before is only the dealers and manufacturers of advertising, do not pay attention to the promotion of Baidu and GG, not to mention other advertising, these ads are now put on, but a month later, Baidu day is about 1 GG at $0.2, on the other hand to pull some dealers advertising, I feel very tired. read more

OkCupid is a very popular dating site in foreign countries, and they also have their own App applications. This article is from its website blog, the author of the company co-founder Christian Rudder.

I was the first to say so: "we will become very popular, we will be red lines for many people, we will achieve many things.". But OkCupid doesn’t seem to really know what he’s doing, and of course, other websites might not know. We haven’t done many things before, so there’s not much experience in the industry, and there’s no blueprint for that. In fact, most of our ideas and ideas are bad, and even some of the ideas that we can do are actually better. So how do you solve all these problems? The answer is to do experiments. The experiment will let you know everything, such as the following picture. The young child wants to do experiments to see if the potatoes will cry. read more

today was a sad day because of the intention to end the operation.

in the afternoon, I backup the data of the net, take photos of the first page, the first page of the channel, the list of the channels, the content page, and then export the database and download it to the computer. Since then stopped updating, ready to offline, stop operation. Never felt so miserable. In the past all sorts of setbacks, although more tore heart, but the net is more meaningful to me. In those days in Suzhou, she accompanied me through the unforgettable days. Has been like her daughter, as the exquisite, and raised her, but today had to end her life, into a compressed bag, stay in the machine. With the machine in the past five years, eight websites have a variety of story compression package, a sleep. They add up to millions, tens of thousands of code data, each row and each byte stream their efforts and Gudeng youth. read more