June 2017

now, more and more people choose entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial team continues to huge. The 24 year old Tzu slightly graduated from the teachers college, currently in the home-made handicrafts, dolls, key chains, bracelets and so on, through the network of friends introduced orders or sales, for three years, her orders have been relatively stable.

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entrepreneurial preferential policies can not be enjoyed by anyone, only qualified entrepreneurs can enjoy. In 2016, 580 million yuan in Jingmen "double" fund for innovation and entrepreneurship adds power, the specific details of a look!

2 29, the Municipal Finance Bureau, innovative service bureau, municipal government financial affairs office jointly issued the "Jingmen entrepreneurial innovation guide fund management approach (Provisional)", aims to give full play to the guiding role of financial funds, to ensure the smooth progress of the work of the city’s "double". read more

In fact, each industry has various industries

doorway, the majority of entrepreneurs should master the skills to make money, want to make money quickly and correctly need to master some skills in the process of entrepreneurship should pay attention to many aspects.

business on the road is no shortcut, if you want to succeed in the process of entrepreneurship, really need or pragmatic and hard work. In fact, in the early stages of entrepreneurship, it is good to make more money, but you can not make money at the beginning do not worry, this is a learning process, in the process, you can learn a lot of things. Once you have a certain understanding of the industry, accumulated a certain amount of experience, then you have the basis for the next step of development. read more

in recent ten years, women entrepreneurs have gradually get rid of family and backward ideas, go on the career stage, the venture capital fund for women have also introduced, trying to help change the fate of the female makers to build their own businesses.

It is reported that
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small eggs, the extraordinary achievements of life, the achievement of excellence in the future, who said the woman can not become a climate? Who says women can’t do great things. Here, Xiaobian to see a woman how to use the Loess netted 200 million story for you!

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President Xi Jinping began on Friday to visit Iran, visit the last stop of Xi Jinping’s trip to three middle east countries, countries will strengthen cooperation, especially the cooperation and exchanges in the new "The Belt and Road" to carry out.

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a lot of good business seems to be very attractive investment entrepreneurs, but not every project to do it is easy to profit, then the small business in the end what to do? What about the stall? Let’s have a look today!

500 yuan started, now about 200 thousand monthly sales revenue, Liang Bo’s Emerald business bigger and bigger, he started from the first day of online shop, they set the business bigger and stronger goal. Small business to do what is good, and now Liang Bo not only domestic buyers, but also a few large buyers abroad, to start a cross-border trade, 10% of gross domestic income is higher than the big one. read more

entrepreneurship is the key to seize business opportunities. Only with good business opportunities, there is the possibility of success, to seize the opportunity to be equivalent to half the success. However, now the market is particularly large projects, entrepreneurs should be how to choose entrepreneurship projects should be how to seize the entrepreneurial project?

holds the project must follow the three principles: the principle of a product or service to make the brand may be; two the principle of product or service to the development of space culture; three principles; the product or service to be made of. read more

venture capital to find a project, we must do a good job in market analysis. Now Xiaobian for everyone to analyze the future can be invested in three projects to make money.

TOP1: breakfast, leisure drinks, Chinese special snack and other food and beverage industry

TOP2: diversified services City convenience store industry

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in China, almost everyone has QQ, this is no exaggeration. It is undeniable that, QQ is China’s largest chat tool, QQ space has also attracted a large number of users, then as marketers, we have to seize this piece of cake, someone’s place, there are marketing. How to create a QQ space for marketing tool? Here are the author give you a step-by-step solution:

Second, page layout.

a larger module set up, start the third step, continue to add graphics module, module title not fill, fill in the picture on the left side of the address, the right to link the address, and the related text, such as company profiles. In general, the best to add a few more graphic items, the same picture and related links, text. It should be noted that, in the last one of the best choice of graphics and text on the relevant contact information, address, etc., as well as corporate qualifications. After several steps of

QQ space in addition to the home page can do marketing, which is also the content of marketing. QQ album, the average user’s QQ album has 2G, enough for us to publicize their products, and their products are all pictures up read more

young entrepreneurs have what kind of entrepreneurial spirit? For now the entrepreneurs they have what kind of entrepreneurial advantage? They have what kind of entrepreneurial potential, which is now in terms of entrepreneurial franchisees, is undoubtedly a shortcut.

: dynamic business confidence

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now a lot of office workers have a new title, moonlight clan, especially after 80, 90, a month to be able to pay more than a few people basically! What is life to be frugal, to keep the present desire, always give yourself a reason?. Many of the new human hedonism, may never considered to answer myself the question, what is the most concerned thing in your life, what can arouse your passion, what can make you feel really happy? They will say, now the most important, who can manage something in the future, and to say it. read more

in the current era of such a network, wireless network card has become a very important tool in the lives of many people, for such a product, many people naturally have a very comprehensive understanding. Wireless network card refers to the wireless LAN card, connected to the wireless WAN, such as China Mobile TD-SCDMA, China Telecom CDMA2000, CDMA1X and China Unicom’s WCDMA network, etc..

wireless network card on the role and function of the cable modem, which is commonly known as the "cat". It can be connected to the Internet using a USIM or SIM card anywhere that has a wireless phone signal. The common interface types are PCMCIA, USB, CF/SD, E, T, etc.. Next, let Xiaobian for everyone on the wireless network card eight brands list, so that people can have a better understanding of the market. read more

more and more vehicles, parking has become a major problem, therefore, street parking chaos phenomenon is very common, in order to prevent the parking put nail plate this trick is to make it out, Xiao Bian said this move is very dangerous, if someone stepped up how to do?

4 5, the net exposure of Longhai Road Street, a row of dense nails nails wood is placed into the street on the ground to prevent vehicle parking, "said the shopping center at the entrance to a building at the street square placed" nail plate "is located in Longhai Road and a road in the vicinity of. read more

an enterprise wants to have good development, so its productivity will continue to improve, so, how can we improve productivity? In fact, in the final analysis or innovation. Innovation is replacing efficiency as the first driving force of enterprise performance. It is the responsibility of the talent management staff to adopt proven effective ways to increase the success of innovation and cross functional cooperation.

1.  advance "free time" and flexible remote working mechanism. Almost every company needs to make improvements in productivity, creativity and innovation. Although many companies now offer flexible working hours, the mechanism for "free time" to think and innovate is more effective. Google and 3M , such as the company to provide free time and reputation, which Google provides free time up to 20% of the total working time. A more common option is to allow employees to work remotely, or to use flexible scheduling of the system, allowing employees to determine the best time and place for productivity. As the next generation of employees begin to look forward to the "trapeze" work, flexible work system is becoming more and more important. Research shows that when high performance employees are allowed to control their work schedules, productivity and innovation rates have been greatly improved. read more

2015, China’s overall economic situation continues to decline, GCP growth slowed, all walks of life feel ushered in an unprecedented winter. In this case, some people put their eyes on rural areas, hoping to find new opportunities for development.

this year and there are a lot of people home home, migrant workers in the city have said, not to do things on the outside, earn less. There are also people who do business outside, said the industry is now a big competition, business talks. There are a group of college students into the community, said many companies are now facing economic difficulties in the city, the work is more and more unstable. There are a lot of TV media is also the analysis of our economic situation, China’s economic growth overall downward trend. In this economic downturn in the market, more people began to choose to return to their hometown to find a good opportunity, so rural entrepreneurship has become a hot term in recent years. read more

there will be two weeks or so will usher in the Spring Festival in 2016, this year’s CCTV Spring Festival evening show has entered the rehearsal of the 8 language programs, the content of the program is generally exposed, involving a wide range of concerns about the tastes of different groups.

with this weekend’s CCTV Spring Festival in the past, the year of the monkey on the second half of the platoon officially came to an end. Although the platoon did not arrange for spectators to watch, but the reporter was also informed that the forty Spring Festival Gala program, a total of 8 language programs into the final phase of the platoon. In addition, there will be a magic as well as a creative pantomime in the Spring Festival evening to meet with the audience. read more

The key is to have

business experience, experience one can not have, need to slowly accumulate, so we do not need to worry, Liang Xinwen is a successful business woman, so admired by many people. In fact, her entrepreneurial path is not plain sailing, according to her words, in the early also suffered a lot of suffering, only today’s success. When she was young, she used to be a salesman in a shoe shop, so it’s a thorough understanding of the industry. In a few years later, she started her career with 40 thousand yuan. read more

can now see this investment information, who did not have a few photos? But can you dig out business opportunities from these photos? Do you know that it can be the starting point for you to get rich? In fact, my picture is a very outstanding entrepreneurial project, and small to you slowly to explain!

old photo digital store let "nostalgia" pay.

A, old yellow old photos become a dazzling scenery, expressing a nostalgia for the people. Many people take out the old photos of all ages, all kinds of background, some even very valuable historical information. People who come to fix the photo, the old photos are cherished, in addition to the need for personal collection, there are some units to preserve historical information will come to ask for some old photos. Therefore, open an old photo digital design store has a certain market demand. read more