Can we say the present Govt has provided outstanding leadership?

first_imgDear Editor,Some of us will remember the financial crisis during 2007 – 2009 when world economies plunged into extreme financial difficulties and many Chief Executives Officers (CEOs), committed suicide or were fired and jailed. Subsequently, huge conglomerates started to recruit managers to turn-around their businesses.Among those found were Chairman and CEO of JP Morgan Chase – Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of Bank of America – Brian Thomas Moynihan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Morgan Stanley – James P Gorman and Chairman and CEO of Amazon – Jeffrey Preston BezosToday, we can say that after all these dreadful years, the economies around the world are doing much better, thanks to prudent, competent and versatile new leaders.Editor, good knowledgeable leaders are the key to success; can we say this of our current bath who have been given the mandate to run our country? I am at a loss to look at the quality and competence of these men and women.Unless drastic changes are made quickly, our county will continue to get worse and slide into the abyss of destruction. As we carefully look around we can clearly see the decline in every sector within our economy. We cannot be naïve and stifle our conscience – our country is not moving in the right direction.The racial divide is widening. The country is becoming more polarised, the people are struggling to survive, compounded with enormous social problems such as crime, suicide, domestic violence, murder and life-threatening substance abuse to name a few problems on the increase. The Government Ministers have an open ticket to say whatever they want without respecting the feelings of the people.The Government is bent on only speaking about Mr Bharrat Jagdeo and the People Progressive Party and they have inherited a broken country.I wish to remind the readers that it was Minister Winston Jordan when pressed by Dr Ashni Singh who admitted that he has received a solid economy. I cannot understand why so much emphasis is being placed on Mr Jagdeo.This gentleman has provided exceptional leadership to his country. First as Minister of Finance, followed by the Elected President of Guyana and now as Political Opposition Leader. He has guided us through the great financial crisis of 2007 to 2009 when fuel prices hit the US$110 per barrel. He has improved the lives of the ambitious, when ordinary poor people’s children became doctors, engineers and other professionals through scholarships.He has made his runs on bouncy unplayable pitches in spite of a hostile opposition, unfair critics and a section of our society that was bent on destabilising the country.Finally, Mr Bharrat Jagdeo has provided outstanding leadership for his country. Can we say the same for our present team?Well wishes and Happy New Year to all.Yours truly,Hanna B Mohamedlast_img

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