American Diplomat Playing Moroccos Anthem Goes Viral on Social Media

Rabat – A video posted on the official Facebook page of the United States Embassy in Rabat on January 11 has gone viral. The video features Anthony Bird, a political adviser at the United States Embassy, as he was playing the national anthem on the piano on the occasion of Morocco’s Proclamation of Independence.The video created a stir among Moroccan social media users following its posting on the embassy’s official Facebook page. The minute-long video received overwhelmingly enthusiastic comments. Many viewers addressed Mr. Bird personally for his talent, and the gesture was described as a kind move on the part of the US Embassy. “Thank you, Mr. Anthony Bird, for this kindness,” wrote a Facebook user. “If anything, it shows the depth of relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the United States of America.”Another commentator praised Mr. Bird’s linguistic talents: “One of the best speakers of the Moroccan dialect in the US Embassy.” It is worth mentioning that the staff of the United States Embassy in Rabat is widely known for their proficiency and eloquence in Darija, the Moroccan dialect. The video has received 85,000 views on Facebook.

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