FIFA Responses on Task Force Not Convincing FRMF

Rabat – The Royal Football Federation (FRMF) has reiterated its firm position on FIFA’s 2026 Task Force, emphasizing that FIFA’s arguments are unable to “dispel” Morocco’s concerns on the new scoring system.“We have taken note of your answers, but unfortunately they have not resolved these concerns and we are still convinced that the scoring system does not comply with the requirements of the bid rules,” reads the letter of President of FRMF Fouzi Lekjaa to FIFA.Lekjaa continued, saying that Morocco was surprised this measure surfaced only 48 hours before Morocco submitted its bid. “The late distribution of the scoring system cannot be justified merely by the fact that it was communicated as soon as possible to the candidates.” On March 25, FRMF addressed a letter to FIFA regarding  Morocco’s concerns about the fairness and transparency of the procedure.“To my surprise, the scoring system was finally sent to us on March 14– 24 hours before Morocco submitted its file and two days before the deadline for the submission of applications to FIFA,” wrote the FRMF president.Lekjaa explained that this system adds “several technical criteria that were not part of the original regulations,” adding that some principles “have never been transmitted to FRMF in the preparation process of the Moroccan bid.”On April 3, FIFA responded that the aim of the Task Force is to “determine whether the bids meet the requirements in terms of infrastructure and revenue-cost criteria.”The international body added that FIFA “simply provides a methodology for assessing and documenting the extent to which bids submitted meet these requirements in certain key areas.”Most of the criteria used in the 2026 Task Force are not sine qua non, which results in the exclusion of a bidder if it is not respected. These“objective” factors constitute “the evaluation of the bidder.”

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