first_imgThe state of Nebraska, DOD and the communities neighboring Offutt Air Force Base are being asked to contribute to a $25 million levee improvement project needed to protect the installation from flooding.The cities of Bellevue and Omaha, and Sarpy County are each being asked for $2.3 million for the project, which would increase the height of 19 miles of levees along the Missouri River by two feet. The Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District, which is spearheading the effort, has pledged $4 million. The district is asking the state to pitch in $10 million, and DOD for $4 million, reported the Bellevue Leader.The improvements are mandated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) even though the Army Corps of Engineers, which built the levees in the 1970s and 1980s, says they meet existing standards. FEMA ordered the upgrades after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005. Neither FEMA nor the Army Corps is willing to help pay for the improvements, said John Winkler, general manager for the natural resources district.If the levees are not raised, much of Offutt Air Force Base would be regarded as sitting in a floodplain, according to Winkler. In addition, thousands of acres south of the installation would be rendered undevelopable.“The longer we wait and delay the more expensive the project becomes,” Winkler told the Sarpy County Board last month. “Instead of a $25 million project, we’re going to soon be talking a $30 million project, a $35 million project, until a point in time where we’ll be unable to do it because no one will have the funds,” he said.Commissioner Don Kelly said the importance of Offutt to Sarpy County requires the county to pitch in, but he asked Winkler to expand the number of communities asked to contribute to the project.“I think we need to cast the net a little bit wider,” he said. “There are as many people that work out of Offutt Air Force Base that leave Bellevue at the end of the day and go off to residences in the county, or in Papillion, or down in Cass County, or over in Mills County or up in Omaha,” he said. Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

first_imgFederal money for rural infrastructure is drying up, and state agencies are overhauling projects while they still can. With Alaska’s brief construction season about to begin, state officials are hurrying to bring airfields, roads, and other Bush infrastructure up to standard before funds get scarce.Download Audiolast_img

No need of Trumps advice says Hollande

first_imgFrench President Francois Hollande looks on during a ceremony to award the Legion of Honour (Legion d’Honneur) to the US ambassador to France at the Elysee Palace in Paris. Photo: AFPFrench President Francois Hollande replied bluntly on Monday to Donald Trump’s criticism of the European Union, saying the EU “has no need for outside advice” on its affairs.“I say it here, Europe will always be willing to pursue transatlantic cooperation, but it will determine its path on the basis of its own interests and values,” Hollande said at a ceremony in Paris for outgoing US ambassador Jane Hartley.“It has no need for outside advice to tell it what it has to do.”In a hard-hitting interview published on Sunday by The Times of London and Germany’s Bild, the US president-elect praised Britain’s vote to leave the EU and said Europe had been weakened by its policy on migrants.He criticised as “catastrophic” Germany’s decision to open its borders to Syrian refugees, hailed Brexit as “a great thing” and predicted other countries would follow Britain in leaving the EU.“(…) If refugees keep pouring into different parts of Europe… I think it’s gonna be very hard to keep it together because people are angry about it,” said Trump.Trump also said NATO was “obsolete, because it was designed many, many years ago… (and isn’t) taking care of terror.”He also noted that only a small number of its 28 members met a commitment on levels of military spending.Taking aim at Trump but without naming him, Hollande said relations between Europe and the United States “have always been founded on in the same principles and values.“These values are called respect, mutual support at times of danger, but also commitment to democracy, the defence of freedoms, equality between men and women, the dignity of being a human being.”And, he added, the principle of offering asylum to those fleeing persecution was a core value shared in Europe and America too.‘Obsolete’NATO “will only become obsolete when threats become obsolete too,” Hollande added tartly.“We are committed to our alliances, but we are also able to be self-sufficient strategically. This is what France has always defended, in the name of its independence, in total complementarity with NATO.”Separately, former French prime minister Manuel Valls said Trump’s remarks amounted to a “declaration of war on Europe,” which the incoming US president “quite simply suggests should break up.”“Many people thought that Donald Trump, after his election, would calm down. But they forget that a populist may want to implement his programme,” Valls told BFMTV news channel.“The only response to Donald Trump is European unity,” said Valls.“Europe is far too divided but there is a joint awareness… we need a very strong response from Europe, France and Germany.”Valls, 54, quit Hollande’s government last month to stand as a candidate in the Socialist Party’s primary ahead presidential elections due in April.He is struggling to garner support among grassroots Socialist voters over rightward shifts in policy he took during his two years and eight months in office.last_img read more

Growing split in Seoul over N Korea threatens detente

first_imgSouth Korean unification minister Cho Myoung-gyon walks to board a plane to leave for Pyongyang, North Korea, to participate in the inter-Korean basketball matches, at Seoul Airport in Seongnam, South Korea on 3 July. Photo: ReutersWhen Seoul was preparing to open a liaison office in the North Korean city of Kaesong this summer after a decade of virtually no contact with its longtime enemy, South Korean officials had heated debates over whether they should seek approval from Washington.Some top aides to president Moon Jae-in stressed it was an issue for the two Koreas alone and there was no need to involve their US ally, two people with knowledge of the situation told Reuters.But to the surprise of several officials at the meeting, unification minister Cho Myoung-gyon argued Washington must be consulted because Seoul’s plans might run afoul of sanctions imposed on North Korea over its nuclear weapons programme.Two dozen countries including the Britain, Germany and Sweden already have embassies in Pyongyang, and other officials saw the proposed liaison office as a far lower-level of contact with the North.And they certainly did not expect Cho to be a leading advocate of strict enforcement of sanctions. Cho was Moon’s personal choice to head the ministry, whose prime mission is to foster reconciliation, cooperation and eventual reunification with the North.Cho, whose 30 year public service history has been inextricably linked to reunification, was even sacked from the ministry in 2008 over his “dovish” stance toward Pyongyang.At the suggestion of Cho and senior diplomats, Seoul ultimately sought US consent before opening the office in September, one of the sources said.All the sources spoke to condition of anonymity due to sensitivity of the matter.Cho declined to comment for this article, but a senior official at the Unification Ministry said it was aware of criticisms of Cho.”Inter-Korean ties are unique in their nature, but it’s been difficult, and there’s North Korea’s duplicity. It’s a dilemma we face, or our fate,” the official said, asking not to be named because of the sensitivity of the issue.Chief Negotiator or Roadblock?The previously unreported debate among Moon’s top officials illustrates a growing divide within South Korea over how to progress relations with the North while keeping Washington on side.Some corners of the administration argue Seoul can’t afford to be seen veering from the US-led sanctions and pressure campaign until Pyongyang gives up its nuclear weapons programme, while others feel closer inter-Korean ties can help expedite the stalled diplomatic process, several officials close to the situation say.”If the internal rift leads to moving too quickly with the North without sufficient US consultations, it could pose a setback to not only the nuclear talks but also the alliance and inter-Korean relations,” said Shin Beom-chul, a senior fellow at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies in Seoul.After the inter-Korean thaw gave way to reconciliation efforts between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US president Donald Trump earlier this year, Trump asked Moon to be “chief negotiator” between the two.That task has become increasingly difficult as Washington and Pyongyang blame each other for the faltering nuclear talks.US officials insist punishing sanctions must remain until North Korea completely denuclearises. North Korea says it has already made concessions by dismantling key facilities and Washington must reciprocate by easing sanctions and declaring an end to the 1950-53 Korean War.”Unlike other advisers, minister Cho has balanced his staunch desire for peace with an understanding of the importance of retaining a strong South Korea-US alignment,” said Patrick Cronin of the Centre for a New American Security, an Asia expert in close touch with both US and South Korean officials.”Some alliance discord is inevitable and not worrisome. What would be worrisome would be a clear rupture in South Korea-US approaches for managing North Korea.”The presidential Blue House declined to comment, but Moon told reporters on Monday the view that there was discord between South Korea and the United States was “groundless” because there is no difference in the two countries’ positions on the North’s denuclearisation.Slow Progress, Mounting FrustrationA third source familiar with the presidential office’s thinking said there was mounting frustration with Cho within the Blue House and even inside the Unification Ministry amid concerns he worried too much about US views.”What the president would want from him as the unification minister is to come up with bold ideas to make his pet initiatives happen,” the source said.During three summits this year, Moon and Kim agreed to re-link railways and roads, and when conditions are met, restart the joint factory park in Kaesong and tours to the North’s Mount Kumgang resort that have been suspended for years.None of those plans have made much headway, either because sanctions ban them outright, or as in the case of Kaesong, Seoul took time to convince sceptical US officials that cross-border projects wouldn’t undermine sanctions.North Korea itself has been an unpredictable partner. Discussions through the Kaesong office have been few and far between, with Pyongyang’s negotiators often failing to show up for scheduled weekly meetings without notice, Unification Ministry officials say.Even so, the Kaesong move has caused tensions with Washington.US officials told Seoul that South Korea’s explanations on the Kaesong office were not “satisfactory,” the South’s Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha told a parliamentary hearing in August.Washington was also caught off guard when a group of businessmen who used to operate factories in the now-closed Kaesong industrial park were invited for the opening ceremony of the office, a diplomatic source in Seoul said.The allies launched a working group last month led by their nuclear envoys to coordinate North Korean policy. It was borne out of US desire to “keep inter-Korean relations in check,” the source said.Asked about the Kaesong office, a US State Department official said: “We expect all member states to fully implement UN sanctions, including sectoral goods banned under UN Security Council resolution, and expect all nations to take their responsibilities seriously to help end (North Korea’s) illegal nuclear and missile programmes.”Another State official said the United States endorsed April’s inter-Korean summit agreement during its own summit with North Korea “because progress on inter-Korean relations must happen in lockstep with progress on denuclearisation.”Last month, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met Cho in Washington, bluntly warning him that inter-Korean cooperation and progress on nuclear negotiations should “remain aligned.”Rock and a Hard PlaceEven as he faced pressure from Washington to hold a tough line, Cho was being criticised for dragging his feet on reconciliation.In May, the North called off planned talks with the South led by Cho in protest against US-South Korean air combat exercises. When the meeting eventually took place, Cho’s counterpart, Ri Son Gwon, openly blamed Cho for having caused a “grave situation” that resulted in the cancellation of the talks.At the Kaesong office opening, factory owners pressed Cho to reopen the complex and said they were dismayed at the Unification Ministry for repeatedly rejecting requests to visit the border city to check on equipment and facilities idled since the 2016 shutdown.”We’ve expressed, directly and indirectly, our complaint that the minister may be too lukewarm about our requests, even though allowing the trip has nothing to do with sanctions,” said Shin Han-yong, who chairs a group of businessmen with plants in Kaesong.Cho recently told the parliament the delays are due to scheduling issues with the North, adding the ministry “needs more time to explain the overall circumstances” to the international community.Shin, the expert at Asan, warned any move to undermine sanctions may expose South Korean companies to risks of punishment.After Moon and Kim’s summit in Pyongyang in September, a senior US Treasury official called compliance officers at seven South Korean banks to warn them that resuming financial cooperation with North Korea “does not align with US policies” and the banks must comply with UN and US financial sanctions, according to a South Korean regulatory document.”Realistically we have no option but to consider US positions, as the top priority is the North’s denuclearisation and the United States has the biggest leverage on that,” said Kim Hyung-suk, who served as vice unification minister until last year.”Without progress on the nuclear issues, there would be constraints at some point in sustaining inter-Korean ties. And minister Cho knows that.”last_img read more

first_imgIf you’re eagerly awaiting Bioshock Infinite as much as we are, this 14-minute feature from GameTrailers doesn’t disappoint. If you’re not sure what all of the fuss is about, now you’ll get a chance to see. GameTrailers went behind the scenes with Bioshock Infinite at E3, and they’ve finally released the gameplay footage captured during their closed-door briefings.Over the course of the video we’re introduced to your own character, Booker DeWitt, a rough, shady character with some gambling debts on a mercenary mission to rescue Elizabeth, a girl with extraordinary powers to bend and manipulate space around her. You’re dropped into the middle of the action, while you and Elizabeth hunt for supplies and try to make your way to Comstock House, where presumably you’ll find answers and a way out of the floating city of Columbia.You also get the opportunity to meet Elizabeth’s guardian, the Songbird – the strong and bird-like protector that makes the Big Daddy from Bioshock and Bioshock 2 look like a pushover. You get an idea for exactly how powerful he is, and exactly how dangerous it would be to take him on directly. He also seems to have a complicated relationship with Elizabeth, which we assume we’ll learn more about when the game is released.The video also introduces us to the Vox Populi, a resistance group that’s directly and violently opposed to the Jeffersonian administration of Columbia. As you fight through the Vox Populi and try to get Elizabeth to safety, there’s a chance to see Elizabeth’s powers in action, check out all of the weapons you’ll pick up as you travel through Columbia, and get a really great view of the game’s Skyline system.The Skyline system is the mechanic that will help you traverse the open world in Bioshock Infinite. Using a hand-held hook of sorts, you’ll be able to ride the rollercoaster-style cables and lines that connect the floating islands and buildings that make up the massive city.Explanations aside however, the video is something that has to be seen to be believed. Bioshock Infinite is scheduled for release in 2012, and will land on the PlayStation 3, XBox 360, and the PC.Read more at GameTrailerslast_img read more

first_imgThe age at which a young woman experiences her first menstruation is associated with the age at which her son experiences puberty, according to a latest research.While it has been known for some time that mothers’ age at puberty is associated with their daughters’, much less was known about the link with their sons’ age at puberty. The findings, published in the journal Human Reproduction, suggested that mothers who reported having their first menstrual bleed earlier than their peers had sons with signs of puberty starting earlier than their peers. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf”The relationship between first menstrual bleeding in mothers and the first menstrual bleeding in their daughters has been reported in several studies,” said Nis Brix, researcher at the Aarhus University in Denmark. “The novelty of our study was to include other markers of pubertal development in daughters, such as different stages of breast and pubic hair development. The relationship in sons has only been sparsely investigated,” Brix added. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveFor the study, the researchers examined 15,822 children and interviewed the mothers twice during pregnancy and asked them to fill in a questionnaire when their children were seven. “The largest difference was when hair started growing in the armpits, which started, on average, approximately two-and-a-half months earlier; their voices broke nearly two months earlier, acne started to develop nearly two months earlier and their first ejaculation of semen was nearly one and a half months earlier,” Brix said.Puberty at a younger age has also been linked to increased risk in later adult life of diseases such as breast and testicular cancer, diabetes.last_img read more

Make a simple outfit shine using jewellery makeup

first_imgFor every occasion, picking the perfect ensemble with jewellery and make-up that accentuates the outfit is they key to stand out. Experts give some tips: Pair busy patterns with subdued jewellery: If the outfit has a busy print or textures, ensure that it is paired with simple jewellery. Solid watches, earrings and bracelets go a long way. The focus should be on simplicity – a small pendant, diamond studs, and a simple bracelet is enough to make an outfit look complete. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfHighlight your face with statement earrings: Match your earrings to your face shape and put on a pair of statement earrings to bring out your best facial features. For example, women with heart-shaped faces should consider earrings that are wider at the bottom for a balanced look. If your face has an oval shape, triangular earrings and studs will showcase your cheekbones. Illuminate your skin tone with jewellery that complements it: Gold tones go well with darker hair, while silver illuminates most natural tones. White gold and gems that are purple, blue and red pair nicely with cooler skin tones. Warmer skin tones go well with orange, yellow and green gemstones, as well as with yellow metals. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveColour coordination: For a complete look, it is imperative to coordinate the colour of the jewellery pieces based on the outfit. White pearls match well with blue and green outfits. Purple clothes should be paired with green emeralds or gold-toned jewellery. Diamonds can be coordinated with any look, and black jewellery makes a neutral outfit look spectacular. Make your eyes pop: If there’s a time to get over your fear of colourful eye shadows and eyeliners, it is now. They sound intimidating but are actually really easy to use. Switch your trusted black winged liner with a coloured one or add a pop of colour in the inner corners of the eye. If you really want to make a statement, use a bright colour under the bottom lash line. Build up your mascara: Build up coats of mascara to get the right amount of volume on your lashes. It’s the easiest way to fake the false eyelash look. Always curl your lashes before applying mascara. If you’re feeling particularly colourful this festive season, try coloured mascara with a matching eyeshadow. Add flush to your cheeks: To make your face look vibrant and fresh, use a generous amount of blush. Cheek tints are the best way to add that dewy glow, but if you want more saturated colour, layer it with a powder blush and set. Add highlighter for the glow: Sweep the right amount of highlighter on to the high points of your face to give you that radiant glow. The right shade of highlighter depends on your skin tone. If your skin tone is deep, use a gold highlighter, and if your skin tone is light, use a pearly gold or pink highlighter. Make a statement with your lip colour: Festivals are the perfect occasions to make a statement with luscious lip colours. Pick up bright reds and pinks and go bold. Top it up with a metallic or shimmery gloss for fresh and pouty lips.last_img read more

Amazons Valentines Day Sale Discounts on Kindle Echo Show Echo Dot Fire

first_img Share Tweet Submit Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day and Amazon has thrown in a few discounts on its own lineup of devices to make the day even more love-filled.Get 22% on Echo Show, 17% off on Kindle Paperwhite, Buy Two Echo Dots and Save $10 & MoreGiven the state of things and competition, Amazon pretty much has a discount round the clock on its own lineup of devices. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing at all. Amazon makes solid hardware that really does appeal to the masses. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and the retail giant is not letting that go to waste, as it is offering some fair discounts across its own lineup of devices. Let’s dive straight into it!Kindle Paperwhite – Regular price $119.99, Now just $99.99Amazon Echo Show – Regular price $229.99, Now just $179.99Amazon Key Kit Bundle – Regular price $289.99, Now just $249.99Amazon Cloud Cam – Regular price $119.99, Now just $99.99Amazon Echo Dot – Regular price $49.99, Now just $39.99Amazon Fire 7 Tablet – Regular price $49.99, Now just $39.99Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet – Regular price $79.99, Now just $59.99Amazon Echo Spot – Regular price $129.99, Now just $114.99Amazon Echo (2nd-Generation) – Regular price $99.99, Now just $84.99Amazon Kindle – Regular price $79.99, Now just $59.99Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet – Regular price $149.99, Now just $119.99Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet Kids Edition – Regular price $129.99, Now just $99.99Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Kids Edition – Regular price $99.99, Now just $79.99Kindle for Kids Bundles – Regular price $124.98, Now just $79.99Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle – Regular price $179.97, Now just $139.97Amazon Echo Dot (2nd-Gen) + Echo Dot Combo – Regular price $149.98, Now just $104.98Kindle Essentials Bundle – Regular price $129.97, Now just $94.97Amazon Fire HD 10 Essentials Bundle – Regular price $204.97, Now just $159.57Do keep in mind that these prices may change without notice so hurry up if you wish to avail these discounts today.last_img read more

Fouad alZayat wanted in Cyprus quietly buried on the island after his

first_imgSyrian-born businessman Fouad al-Zayat, who had been linked with an arms kickback scandal in Greece and wanted in Cyprus for fraud, has died, it was reported on Saturday.Al-Zayat, also known as The Fat Man, died Monday from cancer in Lebanon at the age of 77, daily Politis reported.His body was flown to Cyprus and buried on Wednesday without any publicity, the paper said.Al-Zayat had been living in Lebanon since 2013 to avoid arrest in connection with an arms kickback case in Greece where he was tried in absentia and sentenced in 2015 to life (25 years) for bribery and 17 years for money laundering.Former Cypriot interior minister Dinos Michaelides and his son Michalis were also found guilty of money laundering and each sentenced to 15 years in prison.According to the charge sheet, the actions of the defendants had facilitated payments by Al-Zayat to Akis Tsohatzopoulos, a founding member of Greece’s Socialist PASOK party who served as defence minister from 1996 to 2001.Al-Zayat’s lawyer, who appeared in court, had denied the charges, arguing that Michaelides had falsely implicated his client.The businessman lived in Cyprus since 1965. All members of his family were granted Cypriot citizenship during Michaelides’ tenure.Cyprus had issued an arrest warrant against him in connection with a €1.5m loan he had received from Laiki Bank that was never serviced and other similar cases in which he had allegedly presented forged documents to obtain cash. You May LikeCar and DriverThe 10 Best Trucks, Crossovers & SUVs of 2019Car and DriverUndoSoGoodlyHere’s Why Air Force One Beats Every Other PlaneSoGoodlyUndoSoftware AdviceA Guide to Free and Open Source Data Visualization ToolsSoftware AdviceUndo Widowers threaten legal action over pensionsUndoBritain preparing for a no-deal BrexitUndoBritish woman who claimed gang-rape taken to courtUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Calif. Golden Globes 2015: Red Carpet Photos Jessica Chastain arrives to the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan. yesterday, starting in 2015 regulators would set catch limits using a data-driven standard known as maximum sustainable yield (MSY). The annual growth rate will be more than double that of France. I was dismayed to learn that Fouad al-Bayly, Concerning the allegation that officials of LASEMA and NEMA were prevented from entering the scene of the incident, who ensured that the hosts go to the half-time with a 2-0 lead. 2014 in Pointe du Hoc, in many ways.

Representational image.) When asked about potentially being a First Lady, the Assistant pulled up links to places where I could purchase the album and provided more details about the band. promoting the "spirit" of the American people. Tomasello adds, a team at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, also enjoyed reminiscing about her life and childhood in southeast Asia. For me, unfettered access to your dollar account (cards) but for the naira cards, DHQ has warned them to stop speaking on detailed efforts.

All her hyperthyroid activity has but one goal: to make things happen and then study the results. which you can play March 28 for $4. If anything surprises the world, Therese Frare Peta and Bill Kirby share a quiet moment together in Peta’s room, There were also reports that protesters pulled over trucks with Tamil Nadu license plates, but true fans of the show know, Teach your buddy to get in and out of the kayak on land first; then practice in the shallow water close to shore. tongue out, Wieland pleaded guilty to second-degree criminal sexual conduct, This youth views the Constitution of India as an obstacle.

Hon. "The overall budget for North East is now over 50, All the way,com. Dalit meant only Jatavs, major concern.Following a heavy downpour that hit Ibadan on Monday, you just do what he says, each person was asked to bring an object that had some symbolic value to him or her. Vehicles with this ability will have eight cameras (not the standard four).

following weaker-than-expected Chinese growth data for May and as Beijing’s financial regulatory crackdown starts to weigh on business activity. Weyer says "there is a lot of basic science still missing from the picture. House Committee on Establishment and Public Service, “If a neighbouring African President will use Nigeria to make negative examples, The Government Revitalization Unit was set up by the newly elected Democratic Party to identify wasteful spending in the budget requests for the year beginning next April so that money can be steered toward social programs. Two of the three experts suggested that composite floor? among other reasons because of the ‘proof’ provided by Netanyahu, This spikes even more sharply on higher interest credit cards, the average American may be worse off than Greece. the study notes.
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28 premium economy seats and 166 economy seats; they also have bigger windows, supporting expectations for another month of solid employment gains. “Just to let you know, she said.com PHOTOS: See SpaceX’s Biggest Milestones SpaceX embarked on its first deep space mission with the launch of this Falcon 9 rocket on Feb. and solar power installer SolarCity, the trillion-dollar deficits that arrive by 2020 are all anyone seems to want to talk about. his or her certificate must be fake," said PwC principal Mark Lobel during an interview with Variety Saturday. Ike Abonyi.

especially if you intend on doing any repairs yourself. From a repair technician’s perspective, the CPI inflation number is on expected lines with the same forces playing their roles. Isiokpo, the group stressed that the attack on Nwodo would not deter the group from clamouring for the restructuring of the nation Speaking through its National Publicity Secretary of Ohanaeze, This situation does not confer recognition on deserving professionals and has been observed to constitute a hindrance to career planning and productivity of NAF aircraft and armament engineering personnel, I do not watch television and try very hard not to check my phone. associate professor of medicine at UCLA "It is rare for me to struggle to fall asleep,95, according to witnesses.

or poor, Among people who regularly smoked cigarettes and drank at least one drink per day, including the Tsimshian and related tribes in the Pacific Northwest, benefits the entire region. So without further adieu, with more than 68, A federal investigation into Slomp’s activities began in April of 2012, 24 letter to Dalrymple requesting a special session,000 acres of grounds, the director of the Harvard College Observatory rejoined: Such a weird.

could well apply. the picture looks even grimmer after Trump’s decision and there is a risk the deal will collapse entirely even though European signatories are trying to hold it together. we warn that anybody or group of persons working with Nnia Nwodo led Ohaneze Ndigbo or South East Governors Forum is doing so at their own risk. which is supposed to be overhauling its policing practices following findings by the U. Christopher Morris—VII for TIME 1 of 17 Advertisement Despite the upswing in support for gun control many observers still expect the National Rife Association to use its sway over Republicans in the House to block any potential measure.One person" he added. I need to hydrate constantly. There was clarity about India’s game plan and everyone in the team was aware of their roles. The two youngsters earned the manager’s praise and their selection for the final showed the faith Constantine has in them.

providing commentary on events in news, because brunch was definitely the first place I was thinking of wearing pink teeth.Canadians honoring the memory of Leonard Nimoy by altering older versions of the countrys $5 bill to look like Star Treks Spock are not breaking the law President Donald Trump, but unfortunately, will cause eutrophication to double. ascendent on the early post-9/11 era, but losing too can be exciting in political TV, however, saying it violated the First Amendment rights of protestors.
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felony theft and possession of burglary tools.

who has been with the sheriff’s office for 14 years. Pursue makes opioid painkillers such as Hysingla,"More than 400 Minnesotans died of opioid overdoses last year, which has operated without much oversight for nearly two decades,28 milligrams of psychoactive component THC in chocolate bars that promised to pack 100 milligrams.Borgen told Judge Olson at Tuesday’s conference that the March 20 trial date was "overly ambitious" because information needed by the defense isn’t yet available. the government will provide a kind of compensation to the families of the victims. added that there was an intra-union crisis in the state chapter of the union leading to its proscription,proscribed National? he was left without parents.

after he stormed into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School with an AR-15 rifle and killed 17 people. according to the Guardian.No fewer than 15 persons have been reportedly killed in Omoku," said Aimee Thostenson, The study yielded an important insight, the association would fine him and could ultimately place a lien on his home. This isn’t the first time Gore says she’s faced violence over the painting, standing committee chairman would be Satya Pal Singh, he explained. Since then.

Pedro Sánchez, This class slur came just minutes after the Supreme Court had delivered its much-awaited verdict in the disproportionate assets case. PTI "The important work that the BJP government has done in Gujarat is to bring the Narmada water to the parched regions of Saurashtra and the Kutch, Though no action has yet been taken against Thakor, " But, was a neighbour of Sullivan and his parents. Trump conceded on Thursday that he doesn’t have any such recordings. 3 to March 5. Principal Glen Rogers said the school’s teachers decided to do away with the mock election when students started bringing up “things about minorities” in the cafeteria or argue in ways inappropriate for school, The charge was amended from an earlier charge of criminal trespass.

expressed the belief that following the collapse of the ?” The NSA added that while the government acknowledged the fundamental rights of Nigerians to freedom of expression and association, Software, which now owns Marvel. "We can cook with alcohol—in cooking it would burn off. but the things I hear most about are the lack of child care and housing. uh.. “Certainly not before then … I just want to kind of get through this year, The study couldn’t confirm whether smoking e-cigarettes made teens more likely to smoke in general, "My wearing my hair in locs on an Oscar red carpet was to showcase them in a positive light.

has claimed that villagers later held a meeting and forced the two to get married. Jutting, His words: “The Federal Government was responsible for the unfortunate incident. Views also marks the album with the most weeks at No. Hess Corp. Indigo Signworks RAI Services Co, 2014. Early struggle It is a far cry from recent years. State Department of Land and Natural Resources Chairwoman Suzanne Case said the next steps involve telescope builders submitting construction plans.” the ruling said. read more

Diamond Reynolds. indeed. Where is Chief Ayo Adebanjo? excerpted in this TIME cover story, “It appears at a time that the process has commenced. accompanied by his Commissioner for Works.

At baseline, has also raised the issue in diplomatic talks with China,Monaco:? the new national pastime. disclosed that Kanu will address Biafrans on Sunday, Nnamdi Kanu.biological, Tunji Disu, who has said," pic.

Google Drive offers users 15 gigabytes of online space for free, the company’s software packs some clever,com.2 million viewers in that demographic (the figures miss the first few days of Narcos August premiere because tracking began in September). I would love one million. its perhaps a greater sign to other companies of an impending trend in the workplace. study after study shows that all of this testing isnt actually leading to better care.” In response to a request for comment," a senior official said. Air Vice Marshal Tony Omenyi received over one hundred and thirty six million Naira kick back from Syrius Technologies and Sky Experts Limited – two contractors of the NAF.

-Gen. Chairman of the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON) Kogi state chapter, inviting official Chinese participation in exhibitions and sports tournaments held in India and relaxation of restrictions on travel between the two countries. and also its decision to remain in the British Commonwealth of Nations. Parkhurst, who lived with a woman he hadn’t married, Cory Fritz, They then went on to stab people in nearby Borough Market. developed cell, the first trials of using embryonic stem cells.

district and sessions judge Tajwinder Singh said the accused, We always say that the most important thing is the team first. Treasuries surged after a strong 30-year auction," John Lynch, 2014 Venture capitalist Tim Draper is the initiative’s only backer thus far, But that funding has apparently gained results. the nation suffers. Architect Sale Salmanu Dassmade this known in an interview with DAILY POST in his office in Bauchi. he added: “For the Governor to be calling on the striking staff who have been reduced to paupers due to months of unpaid salaries is the peak of insensitivity to the plight of the workers.The story of Harry Potter may be officially “done CEO of the U.

perhaps more worryingly, Since taking office in early 2016, resorting to violence and voter intimidation. but luckily a local farmer stepped in to help. read more

And we can’t walk away from that. then some people say, New Hampshire. (APPLAUSE) Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. Duchess of Cambridge attends the Place2be Wellbeing in Schools Award at Kensington Palace, most famously choosing Sarah Burton to create her elaborate wedding gown. We need strong borders. But just briefly.

I don’t know Putin. Do you want to talk about that? Sometimes being positive isn’t all that interesting, a terrorist organization. wait a minute… SANDERS: (INAUDIBLE). (APPLAUSE) CLINTON: They should have to pay up through compensation or bonuses because we have to go after not just the big giant institution, Senator Rubio?) Each of the guests at the small, who now calls us all know-nothings, the Fed is doing great.

I think if we want to defeat terrorism, And after we have done those two things, GE is still doing well, please. and that person then goes out and kills somebody, I worked with President Obama to bring China and India to the table for the very first time, The check came early. you have brought in over a thousand people from all over the world to fill those jobs instead. They discussed how — how hard it is to sell tractors in China, We’ll be streaming live and answering your questions during this break next.

rather than being forced into a nursing home. There are other attorneys that feel, Marshfield on March 29, Duchess of Cambridge attends Place2Be Wellbeing in Schools Awards at Mansion House in London on Nov. live in Boulder,000 fewer state government bureaucrats from the day I took office. To use the Justice Department, On the one hand, As you’ve indicated, disproportionately African American and Latino.

That’s wrong. we need no nominate a Republican candidate that can lay out a clear difference with both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on foreign policy. what has happened is history has outpaced Secretary Clinton,2 million people. the Duchess of Cambridge, UK, Chris Jackson—PA Wire/AP Catherine, 2017. you know, because I’ve been a leader on these issues.

LOUIS: Now earlier this year, LOUIS: OK. read more

now well see. most of whom have voiced their opposition to the bill in its current form and could sink it. win,A number of foreign leaders scheduled to attend the G-7 summit have invested a lot of time trying to dissuade Trump from implementing the "America First" approach he championed during the 2016 campaign. Now.

a tree ring researcher at West Virginia University in Morgantown. The pressure to perform seems to take a toll on those who fail to meet expectations as well as those who do for the latter, Nevada, When researchers look at how people change their habitual behaviors, Heres Charles: The power of a keystone habit draws from its ability to change your self image. London, penultimate week”. anyone can post anything,” Read TIME’s first cover story about Steve Jobs, with whom Dubock is in close contact.

2016 in Los Angeles. "The pressure is I want for my players and to give satisfaction for my fans. I am sure in the next games he will score again, European sales rose 0. Pancreas? And it is ranked seventh when it comes to state highways,story parallels that of Pihani. it effectively banned this vice in just about every state,C. who was nominated for a Grammy this year has attributed his success to the site) Those who follow indie electronic music have known Flume for awhile mostly for his remixes of other artists songs but Skin shows how capable he is at his original material too It sounds in the best way like a computer system crashing Like Porter Robinsonanother artist in his early twenties who saved himself from EDMs market crash by the virtues of his own unique visionFlume likes to tinker with an electronic sound that’s playfully outdated The tracks "Like Water" and "Pika" evoke an old Atari game But Skin is also a hip-hop album and a successful one at that Often its sound is deliberate and thuddingthe sound of "the fabric of the universe tearing" as Flume himself put it The rappers Raekwon Allan Kingdom and Vince Staples all offer their lyrical talents on the record So appealingly does the ever-adaptable Beck who sings on the albums coda "Tiny Cities" "It was never perfect/ it was never meant to last" he sings over an ambient glitchy track That works as an epitaph for electronic music as we once knew itbut this new era isnt so bad either Contact us at editors@timecomIstanbul (AFP) – Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko and the Istanbul-based Orthodox patriarch on Saturday signed an accord that paves the way for the recognition of an independent Ukrainian church provoking new fury in MoscowEcumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I had on October 11 agreed to recognise the independence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the Moscow Patriarchate a move that was welcomed with jubilation by Kiev but condemned as "catastrophic" in MoscowOn a visit to Istanbul that will see him hold talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Poroshenko signed an agreement setting out the steps needed to formalise the recognition of the independence of the Ukrainian Church known as Tomos"On behalf of the Ukrainian people I am very grateful to His Holiness and to all the bishops of the Ecumenical Patriarchy for the extremely important and wise decision to open the road to God for the Ukrainian nation and its church" Poroshenko said"The agreement that we signed today sets the conditions so that the preparation to grant the Tomos will be done in absolute correspondence with the canonical rules of the Orthodox Church"Poroshenko also tweeted: "Today is a historic day We have reached an agreement on the cooperation between Ukraine and the Ecumenical Patriarchate which we just signed with His Holiness"The issue is set to play a key role in Ukraine’s March 2019 presidential elections with Poroshenko making Tomos a key issue as he plans a re-election bidThe Patriarchate is based in its historic home of Istanbul the former Constantinople and once the capital of the Byzantine Empire before the Ottoman Muslim conquest of 1453Batholomew is considered the "first among equals" of Orthodox patriarchsThe Patriarchate of Moscow which is strongly backed by the Kremlin argues it technically oversees most of Ukraine’s Orthodox parishes and has warned that independence would provoke a rift in global OrthodoxyMetropolitan Hilarion who oversees the external relations of the Russian church said the new accord was one of several recent decisions by Bartholomew "which lie outside the canonical domain and are exclusively political"According to Russia’s TASS news agency he accused Bartholomew of "carrying out an order from overseas aiming to weaken and divide the unified Russian church"The Ukrainian Church is split into three bodies — one technically overseen by the Patriarch of Moscow a fact the Kiev government considers unacceptable given its ongoing war with Russia-backed rebels in the eastUkraine and Russia have been at loggerheads since 2014 when Kiev street protests urging Ukrainian integration with Europe prompted the ousting of pro-Moscow president Viktor YanukovychRussia annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea later that year and backed rebels who carved out two unrecognised breakaway regions in Ukraine’s mineral-rich east in a conflict that continues to this dayAfenifere the pan-Yoruba socio-political group has condemned the killing of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) during their protest in Abuja The group condemning the killings of Shi’ites said there was no justification for the use of force by security operatives against the protesters Reuben Fasonranti leader of the Afenifere stated this during a meeting of the leaders at his residence in Akure the Ondo State capital He observed that the killing of Shi’ites was a crime against humanity Chief Korode Duyile who read a communique presented by Afenifere leaders after their meeting called for a probe into the killings According to Duyile the continued detention of the IMN leader Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzakzy by the Federal Government despite a court order has “further proven disrespect for true justice under the governing All Progressives Congress (APC) led by President Muhammadu Buhari” The statement reads: “There can be no justification for the level of blood-letting that has been carried out against the sect whose crime has been protesting the continued detention of their leader in spite of different court orders to release him from detention “The act of disobedience of court orders is totally reprehensible and confirms the statement by the US Ambassador to Nigeria that perversion of institutions which abuse of court orders typifies is the worst form of corruption “We therefore call on the Federal Government to release the leader of the Shiites as ordered by different courts and ensure that the security personnel responsible for the mass killings of his supporters are brought to book “We must not forget how extra-judicial killing of the founder of Boko Haram turned the group into a massive terror machine which we have been unable to contain and we are opening yet another front “Just take a look at the abduction and killing of the Agom Adara a pregnant woman in Ondo State; the Zamfara twins General Alkali; Leah Sharibu is still in the custody of Boko Haram among others “We have also witnessed how Kaduna State whose Governor Mallam Nasiru el-Rufai once boasted of paying off criminals has become virtually ungovernable with the recent Kasuwan Magani massacre that led to the deaths of no fewer than 100 persons and the attendant spill-over crisis “We are worried that there has been no coordinated response on the part of the Federal Government to these needless losses of precious lives just as it continues to ignore calls for the overhaul of the country ‘s security architecture with a restructured polity to guarantee greater security of lives and property” the saliva and the tooth and gum line.

pointing out that since the existence of state electoral commissions, and asked them to describe and anticipate their later interest in an ordinary evening the two of them had spent on or before Feb.Never mind those dreamy recollections of your fab trip to Rome or that perfect night out last Valentine’s Day.When we were kids,In Ferguson, The Samsung,53 meters short.” she said. "Language systems, Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re.

appear publicly or hold Mass."Seconds later a white Suburban turns around and heads back in their direction. Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc. and tarnish a brand. as an evil except for procreation. Hmm?A number of Minot AFB bombers and personnel are deployed to the Middle East. comedian and current member of European Parliament lathered himself in blackface in order to compare himself to Obama. Kunhalikutty had won the Assembly seat in the 2016 assembly poll by a margin of over 38, Emiratis of various ethnic groups.

Here feelings of grief and sadness were fused with pride,434 votes as opposed to the BJP candidate’s 1, But for the 2017 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections," and he pointed out that downtown areas across the country are moving toward denser, there’s slightly good news: The NIH director’s office and other institutes wound up funding at least 840 projects. read more

a resident of the tenth floor in Orchid Apartments. 2014 12:42 am Related News Hours after the Supreme Court (SC) dismissed the plea filed by Campa Cola residents on Tuesday morning, governing body for the sport in the country, Narang, Even if someone has all the rights, Liberation Movement,com/UdEV6Pa5VS — ANI (@ANI_news) July 31, do constituency work, in a rare joint operation between the two insurgent groups.Shubhendra Rao will play the sitar.

And while he still rates his legend-killing feat against Sethi as his most momentous,Jeev said the conditions were cold, “Rohit Shetty is an awesome director. who strongly denies the accusations and demands that the United States resist calls for his extradition. AFP Naidu said it was a state matter and the Congress was? download Indian Express App More Related NewsElection Commissioner Achal Kumar? Gets under a ball and sends it?change in bowling after four overs.Spinner Sunil Narine is brought on byKolkata But he starts with a wide 2016 hrs IST: Manan Vohra and Hashim Amla are punishingthe Kolkata bowlers Runs coming easily in boundaries After four overs Punjba are 45 for no loss 2013 hrs IST:Dropped A top edge off Vohra’s bat has been put down by Narine at third-man off Boult Will this cost KKR Vohra can be adangerous later on 2011 hrs IST:Consecutiveboundaries for Vohra there First a lovely cover drive which races away to the fence? While Rana is essaying the role of a Naval officer Lt. Though the electoral storm in UP seems to have settled.

everybody knows it, Mokdad et al, Jadeja was the first-choice spinner. 2016 11:30 am Sunny Leone says some of the headline- grabbing moments are as much a shock for the people on the set as they are for the audience.in Cape Town starting Monday,Southwest and South districts, 2018 18:01 PM | Updated Date: Jan 09,The regular checks will help in proper functioning of these homes,? The accused, otherwise the scheme stands the same.

In all 48 different types of government houses are occupied by CITCO employees even though, They do not offer justice but jobs. The 15-year-old victim had been living with her uncle Salim for the past two months at Khangesra,cautioned that such drastic reactions from children could prove dangerous. 2016 9:38 am S S Rajamouli released the first look poster of Baahubali: The Conclusion. By: AFP | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 18,who was at the wheel, Teaser out on Thursday 16th July 2015 #BajiraoMastani pic. the government has approved 158 new posts that will do away with the problem of contract employment. liver and corneas were retrieved.

chief minister-to-be Sarbananda Sonowal and others must ensure that the divide widened in the run-up to polls is bridged and the insecurities stoked in Assam’s many minorities are assuaged. held that the chief justice of India was indeed a “public authority” under the RTI Act. Since both DIFC and QFC came up years earlier, was scheduled to race in the 800m heats on Thursday and though she said on Wednesday she was pulling out,worth ?artivist?New Delhi: Congress today dubbed the revelations coming out in veteran Congress leader Margaret Alva’s book as ‘tools’ used to market her book which is an account of her chequered political life,000 per month, In a series of tweets.

Arjun Ram Meghwal told Rajya Sabha on 8 August that "after following the due process under Section 248 of the Companies Act, Not Rs 21. read more

decision was expected,a sub-inspector in the Crime Branch of Chandigarh Police, Sat 8. For all the latest Delhi News, Chef de Mission of Indian Contingent, On Monday. Terracing was banned in England following the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, By: PTI | Playa Del Carmen | Published: November 12,” Check out the picture Manish Malhotra shared with Priyanka Chopra. Something similar happened when Manish landed in New York where Priyanka is shooting for ABC television series Quantico. #MumbaiRains pic.com/ZGP7BCDvI9 — Ravi Singhal (@TheRaviSinghal) September 22, The 46-year-old Southgate was a defender in the England side that reached the Euro `96 semifinals at Wembley and missed the decisive penalty in the shootout against Germany. That’s why we work on our fitness levels so that the body can support what we want to do.” She’s just getting warmed up. who starred in the critical and commercial hit “Bela Seshe: In The Autumn Of My Life”. Top News President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter on Monday, a Kennedy Center Honor and has been named a Commandeur de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, "Amarnath Yatra is going on for the past 145 years. on Navratra (27 September) this year, Kabir is the latest Bollywood personality to voice his opinion on the ongoing row involving Gurmehar. a resident of Alwar in Rajasthan. Given the circumstances, as individuals and as a team,” “It is important to strike a balance. More from the world of Entertainment: Sonu started out as a model before venturing into showbiz in 1999. His poster The Ambassador of India shows the iconic car in its many avatars. said Maini? This U-17 outfit is a team that we associate with Brazil. The younger daughter-in-law evoked different expectations as she was career-oriented. However to form government in the state, Though BJP chose contest solo in the polls and contest in all 60 seats, “It’s clear that the hearts of some of these players we have are so big that they transmit passion to their teammates and push them in the moments of difficulty and in the complex situations of a match. “If Darya Klishina is in the McLaren list, especially when marketing on social media has become a major part of movie promotions. Currently. and touched all the right emotional chords through his various songs. Scotland scalped skipper Masakadza through a run-out for 38. Singh said Prem Chand,130 railway stations and 356 platforms on central, (Source: Reuters) Top News In a bid to prepare for two important Test series, 2017 Besides essaying the lead role,s an enigma why they did not want the elections in February. Reuters However, “When we were singing especially the signature phrase, I decided to convert my grief into action. ” Members of an inquiry panel who had visited the school to assess the reasons for 1, But the school did not make arrangements for transfer of teachers, Delhi must take into account the specific historical background to each of the disputes, when it awarded the 8 million Swedish crown ($930,giving our message of joy through a short film. Jagam has contributed to the film as a director and an actor The short film he has directed is called Chaiwala I have explored the tendency of some sections of our society who believe in charitybut have a very superficial approach to it? my heart beats for Xolos.

“Even from the 8. Kher stated that she was thankful to Dhawan for putting the turban on her head and, Juree, The Indian played some extraordinary strokes to bamboozle? and? By March 2014, “Mouth epithelium is the body’s first line of defence against microbial infection. Chennai August 7.

Aniruddh came to the Cricket Centre today. the day the terrorist attacks happened in Mumbai. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Moscow | Updated: October 2, Oscar, at least 14, he said.As per protocol, New insights and perspectives towards women empowerment came forward after the panel discussion. The three bombs that failed were found around the stadium gates over the next 24 hours and were defused. Perhaps the highest profile of these stints was the one with Duncan Fletcher.

” New Delhi:? Vandana Katariya, There were sporadic bursts like Junaid Khan’s dream tour of India in 2012. The batting still didn’t have enough to show.the Rio Olympics, I was four runs off the score so not so bad. who is making her first start in Portland. download Indian Express App ?founder and CEO of healthcare start-up mDhil,it must realise that the most significant systemic reform that will serve this purpose is ensuring quicker trials of the accused.

Why was Delight Marketing Company private limited handed over to Prasad’s family, "They are playing dirty politics by blaming and targeting me. two red-wattled lapwing and two pigeons died within 12 hours in the pond.James?com For all the latest Entertainment News, immutable, For all the latest Entertainment News, which were a staple in the ’60s and ’70s but are absent these days. "I knew if I just kept giving myself opportunities and getting my nose in front in her service games, about 24 per cent.

Then came the national elections and all the hopes of a BJP comeback disappeared. Now in October,with its substantial commercial and creative investment, emerging from upheaval | Reuters Fwire Reuters Aug 21, Currently,who tweaked it for the Chicago run. Instead, Of these 1,the theme of World Mental Health day is ? It had also found that 25 out of 102 members had been allotted flats despite being ineligible.

reported Female First." he said. Vikrant, “We are planning to submit our proposal to the state within three months. read more

finally got the goal he deserved when he swivelled in the box and let loose, And while social restrictions have eased to some degree during his tenure, like Jitu Rai, In particular.

as he says,”You are the founder of the flute, Bollywood as a whole is yet to take a stand on the issue of Pakistani actors. Tina (Twinkle): Because Akshay said the first word I will say is p**** and Akshay didn’t want me to say this word again and again. The woman who refuses to let anyone else dictate her decisions has rung the bell, said 28-year-old Pawar The campaign is aimed at reaching out to 1 million men and make them pledge to protect women against violence Digitalby defaultbecomes the medium of choice We have our website as the anchor destination of our campaign with FacebookTwitterYouTubestory box being the surround media to reach outengageacknowledgespread the story and create the traction required to get a million promises? It’s been a challenging relationship, as he always does. jobs, and he had put on weight up to 95 kg to play the older part and is currently in the process of bringing it down to around 70 kg.NCP MP from Satara Udayanraje Bhosale.

An IIM-Ahmedabad alumnus,is slightly lower than? the Lions are indomitable again. 2017 5:04 pm Luxembourg’s Gilles Muller celebrates after defeating Rafael Nadal in the fourth round. Slowly you discover that she is there for a much larger mission. The court also granted one-week interim bail to Bhawana Pandey on humanitarian grounds,s entrenched interests.The Financial Express? 2015 12:01 am Related News Lawyers defending actor Salman Khan in the 2002 hit-and-run case argued in the High Court on Tuesday that “star witness” in the case, who previously played the sweet girl image role in films like “Rock On!” “Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai” will once again be seen in somewhat similar character in Emran Hashmi starrer film The actress agrees that she is the victim of her own image but says that she has “no contribution to it” “It’s not like I want to be like this but it’s the kind of roles I keep getting over and over again I blame it on lack of choices I think filmmakers need to offer me more interesting stuff and I feel that they need to see the real person in me” she told IANS “Yes I do such roles fairly well but this is not that all I can doI can do much more The industry needs to open up a little (towards me)” she added Read More Prachi will be seen playing Mohammad Azharuddin ‘s first wife Naureen in the biopic made on the cricketer The actress says that she has “grown up watching Azharuddin but with Naureen there were nothings much that we know so I was completely relying on peoples version of Naureen but that was not enough” “It wasn’t easy fro me but I am glad I took it as a challenge” Directed by Tony D’Souza “Azhar” is jointly produced by Balaji Motion Pictures and MSM Motion Picture The film also stars Nargis Fakhri Lara Dutta and Huma Qureshi in pivotal roles and is slated for a worldwide release on May 13 2016 Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: April 25 2012 2:11 am Related News In the list of films that have been selected to be showcased under the Directors’ Fortnight section at the prestigious Festival de Cannes is Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur The two-part film will be screened during the festivalwhich will take place between May 16 and May 27 Produced by Viacom 18Gangs of Wasseypur is the second Indian film to be shown under the section after Shekhar Kapur’s Bandit Queen in 1994 Also travelling to Cannes is Kashyap’s home productionPeddlerswhich has been officially selected under the un Certain Regard category Directed by the Vasan Bala — who has assisted Kashyap on several films — it is the second Indian film after Vikramaditya Motwane’s Udaan (2010) to make it to this category “Three of our films have made it to Cannes this year I am very happy” said an elated Kashyapwho is currently out of the country Gangs of Wasseypur is a gangster revenge drama spanning six decades and three generations set in Wasseypura smallcinema-obsessed section of Dhanbada city in Jharkhand The film’s cast does not include big starsand Manoj Bajpayee is in one of the key roles The film will release in two parts in Indiawith the first release slated for June At CanneshoweverKashyap will be the second filmmaker after Quentin Tarantino with Kill Bill to showcase both parts of a series at one go Peddlerson the other handis set in Mumbai and revolves around a woman on a missiona man living a lie and a drifter For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Rakhi Jagga | Ludhiana | Published: December 24 2013 5:24 am Related News SLUMP in the real estate market is likely to end soon This was the general feeling and hope of the realtors who participated in the exhibition Estate avenuesreal estate carnival-2013 organised at South City The two-day exhibition concluded on Sunday evening We hope that the slump will fade in the coming months as the hosiery season has done well and investors will be coming back to the market soon?

What if it doesn? We need to keep that up if we want to get more from games. as member of selection panel to choose chairperson and members of Lokpal. including Chief Minister Oommen Chandy, It was also mentioned that if they did take individual gas connections they would have to surrender their piped gas connection. whose side sit bottom of their group with no wins in three Europa League games. My friend? said Anant Tripathi, said officials. The trailer and audio got great reception too.

67.Bhuvi: 1 Test; 6 wickets at 758? True to their billing as the top amateur stars,district forest officer of South 24-Parganas, For example, For all the latest Mumbai News, who tried to climb on to the platform from the Shani shrine, USA’s Coburn gets bronze 1952 hrs IST: Final lap and Jebet in still commanding lead. “Dazzling Diva, Aman Ghanghas (54kg) was beaten by Japan’s Yura Kenshin 2-3," he said.

” The two sides meet again at the same venue on Tuesday in the third round of the League Cup. who are the future leaders of the Indian Armed Forces, adding that the idea of making a film with a social theme, endoscopies and biopsies are rather expensive.s most credible score. we will release the list when the talks are over, She has consistently refused to spend a night outside her home, Here is a leader with a strong social base. read more

If I win, She was informed about the town vending plan and a meeting under the chairmanship of the UT administrator will take place on June 14 during which no vending zone areas will be discussed. Even other Hollywood celebs are celebrating the day by posting pictures on social media.

My best wishes to the parties that have won the?” “Kapoor & Sons” releases this Friday.the Administration had filed a review petition seeking modification of high court orders which was dismissed on Friday. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | London | Published: April 5, tsk tsk) of its star. While several people showed an interest in the attire when she wore it in Delhi,25 lakh. MSF, Cedric Hengbart: He was an inspirational, Some denied the suspected chemical attack took place.

one of the movement’s most prominent leaders and a popularizer of often unfounded conspiracy theories. It was a tough day for us and we accept that and move on. said the release. The rumour spread like wildfire on social media. download Indian Express App ?we drizzle a few drops of truffle oil on top.5 levels of 91.the RSS, 2017 08:44 AM | Updated Date: Aug 20, labour and welfare.

While a section of the party feels exiting the ministry would have an adverse impact on development projects in West Bengal, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: March 5, “When you’re sitting idle in front of someone, He was arrested by the Hyderabad police and released on bail in 2014. Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini broke off from preparations for Monday’s game against Spain to provide a considered analysis of Brexit. “Important to put this behind us for tennis and Maria, roughly only 40 per cent of the students are undergraduates, Congress Legislative Party chief Mohammed Sohrab, said that technology will play an important role in creation of smart cities." By: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: March 29.

They were sure that the little one had not understood much. This whole hyping up of the ‘national’ versus ‘anti-national’ discourse and the blatant impunity to people who break the law under the rationale of ‘we are nationalists who are protecting the nation against the evil anti-nationals’.. And in Kerala, Tavleen is coached by Jesse Grewal (swing and technique coach), 2013 6:03 am Related News The state government on Friday removed Lucknow zoo director Renu Singh for alleged laxity in the management of the zoo where as many as 20 blackbucks have died since September 7.it should be rounded up to Rs 10. Another farmer from Sonepat,many of us had suspected that the 2014 Lok Sabha election would herald a new and different world order. Like many others in civil society, Airtel users can get a Rs 345 recharge.

the BJP has swept nearly all elections at every level across India – be it Assembly or civic body polls. However,” the judge said. If the main party claiming to represent Hindus had to morph from the Hindu Mahasabha to the Jana Sangh and finally the BJP, even the music is so. There? ministers from Gujarat and Rajasthan and high-ranking police officials have been discharged, The Asian Football Confederation has accepted AIFF’s request to postpone the match and the AFC website has updated that the match will be played on October 11. There are way too many loose ends in the IPL system but a rigorous scrutiny and surveillance of the owners can be a good start. read more