first_img Facebook There’s a good reason why Vancouver is known colloquially as Hollywood North. Not only does it feature as the backdrop for movies from Fifty Shades of Grey to Deadpool, it’s also the home of animation studios such as Industrial Light & Magic and Image Engine—responsible for the visual effects in household names like Star Wars and Game of Thrones. With increasing numbers of big-budget productions choosing the city, the call for talent is enormous.If last weekend’s careers fair for digital entertainment is anything to go by, however, there’s plenty of qualified professionals ready to meet those demands.More than 3,500 individuals registered to attend the event at the Convention Centre—a 40 percent increase over the previous year, according to the event organizers at the Vancouver Economic Commission. Lining the aisles between jobseekers were booths from 35 top local studios, including Sony Pictures Imageworks, Animal Logic, and Stargate Studios. Together they were offering more than 500 jobs. Advertisement Advertisement Unsurprisingly, it was bustling.One of the longest lines belonged to Bardel Entertainment: the local company behind well-known hits like Rick and Morty and Angry Birds Blues. Operating in the city since 1987, the studio was looking to fill a number of roles in animation, including character designers and background artists. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Login/Register With: Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more

10 November 2011The head of UNESCO said today the agency will temporarily halt some activities owing to the $65 million budget shortfall resulting from the United States’ decision to withhold its dues, and launched a new online tool to enable donors to help offset the loss. The head of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) said today the agency will temporarily halt some activities owing to the $65 million budget shortfall resulting from the United States’ decision to withhold its dues, and launched a new online tool to enable donors to help offset the loss.The new fund is one of several measures announced by Director-General Irina Bokova in an address to the 36th session of UNESCO’s General Conference that ended today in Paris.“UNESCO is facing a difficult situation,” she told the agency’s highest ruling body. “It’s a test for our organization.”Washington – which contributes 22 per cent of UNESCO’s budget – suspended its dues after the agency admitted Palestine as a full member on 31 October. Ms. Bokova had warned that reduced funding will affect the agency’s ability to carry out crucial programmes in education, support for emerging democracies and the fight against religious extremism.She said UNESCO now faces a budget shortfall of $65 million – the amount remaining to be paid by the United States for 2011. To cover the funding gap to the end of 2011, the Director-General said UNESCO has already begun a thorough review of all of its planned activities for November and December. “I have temporarily interrupted certain activities to revise their costs,” she said. In addition, the agency announced several measures to try and deal with the budget shortfall, including the new fund that is open to Member States, public institutions, foundations and individuals, all of whom can make their donations online. Gabon immediately announced it would make a $2 million donation.“This is not simply another extra-budgetary fund,” said Ms. Bokova. “It will be directed to supporting our core activities, so that they are not affected by a difficult financial situation.”She also urged Member States to support an immediate increase in the agency’s Working Capital Fund for 2012-2013 from $30 million to $65 million; appealed to all governments to provide their assessed contributions as early as possible in 2012; and proposed deferring the system by which those Member States that pay their dues on time benefit from a reduction.“These are not decisions of choice. They are decisions of urgency,” she stated. “Unfortunately, I do not believe we have time to wait, or that these are decisions we can postpone.”Ms. Bokova also noted that the US decision has stimulated an “unprecedented” outpouring of support for UNESCO from individuals, associations and private corporations worldwide.“I see these expressions of support as clear recognition of the good that UNESCO does in the world. These are very concrete indicators of success,” she said. read more

Addressing the gathering, Director General of INSSSL Asanga Abeyagoonasekera quoted from President Maithripala Sirisena’s recent speech at the United Nations General Assembly where he pledged: “I underscore the need to implement a broader international response to the threat posed by drugs, and other intoxicants. As I see it, drug prevention and mitigation oriented programmes with a broad acceptance and consensus are the need of the day.” The Institute whose President is also His Excellency President Sirisena, advocates this view and considers the illicit flow of narcotics among Sri Lankan youth as a threat to national security. The event was held at the Ministry of Defence in Colombo with the presence of key stakeholders including the clergy who are involved in the control of narcotics, experts from the medical profession and members of the armed forces of Sri Lanka. Specifically, the impact of narcotics on youth is a disturbing factor with the highest number of users being those in their teens. It is In order to address this concern, several initiatives such as youth engagement activities, awareness programmes and workshops are being held nation-wide at present. As such, the free flow of drugs among youth results in increased crime, adversely affecting mental and physical health, academic performance, relationships and economic productivity. To begin with, researchers of the Institute presented a comprehensive overview of the day’s theme with focus on world context of illicit drug proliferation; threat landscape of Sri Lanka for the illicit flow of drugs; methods of trafficking; consumption patterns of drugs in Sri Lanka; initiatives taken by law enforcement to criminalize drugs; and the impact of drugs on youth in Sri Lanka. In this, they also addressed smuggling routes and methods of trafficking of narcotics into the country as well as the consumption patterns of drugs. The presentation also focused on success stories from Switzerland and Portugal that were shared in regard to the world context of illicit drug proliferation.When considering the landscape of the illicit flow of drugs in Sri Lanka, the single most significant problem was seen as the trafficking of heroin from India for local consumption as Sri Lanka serves as a trans-shipment hub. It is significant that apart from Cannabis which is cultivated on a large scale in the provinces of eastern and southern Sri Lanka,all other drugs are imported, not locally produced. Numbers of drug related arrests have increased by 23% in 2015 when compared with the previous year and of the total drug related arrests, 32% was for heroin and 63% for cannabis. It is also a concern that most number of drug related arrests have been reported from the Western province (60%) where Colombo district contributed to 43% of the total. The presentation also highlighted the legal aspect to counter this issue drawing from drug laws, local and international. In addition to the many internal legal mechanisms such as the Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances and the Sri Lanka National Policy for the Prevention and Control of Drug Abuse, Sri Lanka is a signatory to the three UN conventions on drug abuse and trafficking which are the Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961; Convention on Psychotropic Substances, 1971 and the Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, 1988. To counter this problem, there also exists regionally, South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances.Furthermore, It is a concern that the drug menace also contributes to related social and security issues such as money laundering, human trafficking and arms trafficking. To respond to these threats, measures have been adopted by the present government of Sri Lanka.The Presidential task force on drug prevention was established by President Sirisena in 2015 with the aims of reducing the use of Alcohol, Tobacco and other illegal drugs and thus reducing the negative consequences of using such substances. The task force was also created with the people’s wellbeing in mind in order to improve productivity and reduce poverty. The primary objective is decreasing the usage, transport and sale of Illegal Drugs by 80% by the year 2020. Further objectives are that of preventing newcomers from starting the usage of drugs; reducing the hazardous and harmful behaviours of current users; reducing the number of victims admitted to hospitals due to effects of usage of drugs; efficiently and correctly educating the public regarding direct and indirect harm caused by drugs. Recommendations of INSSSL in this regard, were directed towards taking away the stigma of drugs and make a gateway for medical treatment available to all. A requirement for a United Nations institutional training that would assist in capacity building was also suggested while the government established Centre for Sharing Intelligence on Drug Trafficking being strengthened which will enable sharing of intelligence not only domestically but also regionally.In the engaging and informative discussion that followed, experts in the area of anti-narcotics and law enforcement shared their views on best practices in drug prevention. In this regard, four steps to consider for drug prevention were how structurally capable the country is in dealing with the drug menace, the mindset of the leadership, law enforcement authorities and the public, challenges in technical and human resources in managing the issue and safeguarding the privacy of individuals. Herein, as much as the focus is on regional and global methods of trafficking there is still a need to address the internal factors and patterns of drug usage with a more coordinated approach, methodologies and techniques for its control. Also highlighted was the need to consider the transnational nature of this phenomenon with its high revenue aspect that at times overpowers even the rule of law.Important proactive (prevention, detection) and reactive (investigation, persecution) measures employed in managing the issue were pointed out by law enforcement authorities. Dynamics of the prisons system where criminals forge links with youth contributing to the distribution of drugs and increased crime was an area suggested for future study. Trafficking of heroin from India for local consumption is seen as a significant threat to Sri Lanka.The Institute of National Security Studies Sri Lanka (INSSSL) held its Threat Lens on “The Illicit Flow of Drugs and its Impact on Sri Lankan Youth” to coincide with World Temperance Day. As regards positive developments, it was noted that there has been a clear policy against the tobacco industry in the country which has resulted in the decline of consumers in recent years whilst the policy on alcohol remains ambivalent. It was suggested that INSSSL should link up wth presidential task force to create a comprehensive national policy.In conclusion, it was suggested by those present that addressing the root causes for the use of drugs should be investigated and further researched. A loss of values resulting in the degradation of society has contributed to the escalation of this problem in recent times. Therefore, it is imperative to seek answers within religion, family and society. read more

by The Associated Press Posted May 9, 2016 8:51 am MDT Last Updated May 9, 2016 at 12:40 pm MDT FILE – In this April 17, 2008, file photo, a customer picks up doughnuts at the drive through at a Krispy Kreme store in Matthews, N.C. Krispy Kreme is being taken private by JAB Beech in a deal announced Monday, May 9, 2016. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton, File) Krispy Kreme shares soar on sweet takeover offer NEW YORK, N.Y. – Krispy Kreme shareholders got a caffeine boost after coffee giant JAB Beech said Monday it is acquiring the doughnut chain.The Luxembourg-based investment firm, which owns Keurig Green Mountain, Peet’s Coffee & Tea and Caribou Coffee, said it is taking the North Carolina doughnut company private in a deal worth about $1.35 billion.Krispy Kreme’s stock soared more than 24 per cent in afternoon trading.The deal comes after an affiliate of JAB Holdings recently added to its coffee empire with the acquisition of Keurig, which makes single-cup coffee machines that sit on countertops. JAB Holdings, which is predominantly owned by the Reimann family in Europe, also has stakes in Jacobs Douwe Egberts, the company behind Gevalia, Tassio and other brands.Outside of coffee, JAB Holdings has stakes in bagel shop operator Einstein Noah, beauty products maker Coty and high-end shoe seller Jimmy Choo.The companies said Krispy Kreme will continue to be independently operated from its headquarters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Krispy Kreme, which was founded in 1937, has more than 1,100 shops around the world, with about 300 of those in the U.S.For its fiscal 2017, Krispy Kreme had said in March that it planned to open about 120 to 140 new international locations, in addition to about 30 new shops domestically.Unlike its larger rival Dunkin’ Donuts, Krispy Kreme stores in the U.S. still get most of their business from doughnuts and other pastries, rather than coffee drinks and sandwiches. But Krispy Kreme has said that it wants step up its beverage sales.Peter Harf, a senior partner at JAB, said the acquisition is part of the firm’s strategy of investing in brands with significant growth prospects.JAB Beech Inc. will pay $21 for each share of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. That’s about a 25 per cent premium to the company’s Friday closing price of $16.86.Krispy Kreme’s board unanimously approved the transaction, which is targeted to close in the third quarter. The company said it will postpone its annual shareholders meeting, which was originally set for June 14.Its shares climbed $4.06, or 24.1 per cent, to $20.92 in afternoon trading Monday. Its shares are up almost 20 per cent over the past year. read more

“The stakes are high, because mangrove ecosystems provide benefits and services that are essential for life,” said Irina Bokova, Director-General of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in a message on the International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem. “From advancing food security, sustaining fisheries and forest products and offering protection from storms, tsunamis and sea level rise to preventing shoreline erosion, regulating coastal water quality and providing habitats for endangered marine species – the list is long on the importance of mangrove ecosystems,” she added. UNESCO shined a spotlight their unique role in sequestering and storing significant amounts of coastal blue carbon from the atmosphere and ocean – crucial for mitigating climate change. While healthy mangrove ecosystems are vital, Ms. Bokova pointed out that “nearly all unprotected mangroves could perish over the next 100 years.” Through its ‘Man and the Biosphere Programme,’ its International Hydrological Programme, its Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission and the Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems Programme, UNESCO is drawing on all of its strengths to protect mangrove ecosystems. “This action reaches across the world, from the Bosque de Paz transboundary biosphere reserve in Ecuador and Peru, and the Delta de Saloum Biosphere Reserve in Senegal to the Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark in Malaysia,” the Director-General elaborated. UNESCO is deeply engaged in supporting the conversation of mangroves, while advancing the sustainable development of local communities who interact closely with mangroves and depend on their goods and services. She underscored that UNESCO is also leading an active role in the Blue Carbon Initiative to mitigate climate change through the conservation, protection, restoration and sustainable use of coastal and marine ecosystems, focusing on mangroves, tidal marshes and seagrasses. “We must do far more and this calls for stronger science,” she exhorted. To this end, UNESCO is working to broaden the capacities of States and reinforce their scientific knowledge, especially in countries that are highly dependent on these ecosystems in Africa and small islands development States, always working with local communities, always drawing on indigenous knowledge. This Day provides “the moment for everyone to redouble their commitment to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Climate Agreement,” said Ms. Bokova. “UNESCO’s message today is clear – we must reverse the trend of degradation and protect the mangroves that are so essential to the health of the planet,” concluded the Director-General. The International Day, commemorated annually on 26 July, aims to raise awareness of the valuable services provided by mangrove ecosystems. read more

In a statement issued by his Spokesperson, António Guterres took note of the 82-year-old president’s decision to resign, after 20 years in power. Mr. Bouteflika announced in late February, that he would seek a fifth term in office, despite rarely being seen in public since suffering a stroke, in 2013.  Several days ago, the wheelchair-bound leader reportedly reversed his decision, after weeks of peaceful protests in which hundreds-of-thousands of Algerians took to the streets, calling for him to go, and for others in the political elite to step down. “The Secretary-General salutes the mature and calm nature in which the Algerian people have been expressing their desire for change”, said the statement from Mr. Guterres. “He looks forward to a peaceful and democratic transition process that reflects the wishes of the Algerian people.” National elections are sheduled for the end of this month.In the capital, Algiers, on Tuesday night, tens-of-thousands took to the streets in celebration at the news, which Mr. Bouteflika delivered to the nation, via a live television broadcast. A few hours earlier, the chief of the Algeria’s armed forces, had called on him to leave office immediately, declaring him incapable of carrying out his duties, according to news reports.  “The Secretary-General reiterates the United Nations’ continued commitment to supporting Algeria in its process of democratic transition”, the statement concluded. read more

The automotive industry is calling on government to implement policies that will boost skills in the industry and attract young people into careers in the automotive sector.  The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has set out its position on skills in a paper, published today, which outlines how government can work collaboratively with industry to maximise investment in skills and training, whilst raising awareness of the job opportunities available.Titled, ‘Strengthening Skills for a Growing Economy’, the paper was discussed in Westminster today at a meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Motor Group (APMG), of which SMMT is joint secretariat, to highlight the importance of developing skills within the motor industry as part of wider economic growth and rebalancing the economy.“The motor industry heavily invests in its employees and looks to government to provide a skills policy which can support the future growth potential of the industry, build expertise and strengthen competitiveness,” said SMMT Chief Executive, Paul Everitt.  “Industry is specifically calling on government to outline how its 75,000 new apprenticeship places will be delivered, to support business investment in higher-level technical skills and vocational training, and to back initiatives that will attract young people into careers in manufacturing.”SMMT’s paper calls for government to commit to long-term funding and support for apprenticeships, seeking clarification on how it will work with businesses to implement the 75,000 new apprenticeships, announced last year.It sets out that government should support business investment in higher-level technical skills and vocational training, enabling the automotive workforce to compete on a level-footing internationally. Government should be looking at how these levels of skills can be encouraged to increase competitiveness and UK industrial capability. Government also needs to ensure the skills provision is aligned with industry’s future needs, including a focus on ultra-low carbon vehicle production and low carbon technologies. Funding, such as the Growth and Innovation Fund, needs to support the major up-skilling and re-skilling required for new technologies.SMMT also seeks support initiatives which attract young people into careers in manufacturing. This will be key in helping change perceptions about jobs in the industry. The image of engineering and manufacturing needs to be improved and career expectations better communicated. This should be extended to improving the reputation of apprenticeships and vocational training, as well as the financial benefits of apprenticeships.Claire Craig, Director of Skills at the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and Phil Millward, Human Resources Director of General Motors UK were speakers at the APMG meeting today.Phil Millward said, “GM undertakes a number of activities itself to promote and support skills development in local schools and colleges. Government should commit to long term funding and incentives for apprenticeships as well as considering support for mature apprenticeships.”The APMG was re-formed following the May 2010 General Election and is open to members from both Houses of Parliament. It provides a forum to discuss general motoring issues and those relating to the industries of automotive engineering and motorsport. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the RAC Foundation and the Motorsport Industry Association are the joint-secretariat of the group.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

Redshirt junior forward Keita Bates-Diop drives to the basket in the first half of Ohio State’s 74-62 loss to Michigan in Ann Arbor. Credit: Jacob Myers | Managing Editor for ContentThe No. 13 Ohio State men’s basketball team surprised many with a breakout 2017-18 campaign that ended with a 24-7 overall record and 15-3 conference record. For the successful season, three Buckeyes were named to various All-Big Ten teams, the conference announced Monday.Redshirt junior forward Keita Bates-Diop was named to the first team by both media and coaches. Senior Jae’Sean Tate was named second-team All-Big Ten by coaches and was honorable mention by the media. Center Kaleb Wesson was named to the All-Big Ten freshman team. Bates-Diop averaged 19.2 points, 8.9 rebounds and 1.7 assists per game, while playing in 32.7 minutes per game. He finished the regular season with 12 double-doubles and scored more than 20 points a dozen times. He was one of two unanimous selections for the first team by both the coaches and media, along with Michigan State forward Miles Bridges.Tate finished the regular season with an average of 12.5 points, 6.2 rebounds and 3.0 assists per game. Tate was on the All-Big Ten honorable mention team last season. Wesson had an average of 11.0 points, 5.2 rebounds and 1.0 assists per game. read more

← Previous Story ENJOY! PSG Handball TOP 10 goals in season 2013/2014 Next Story → Berge to lead only Norway! Mateo GarraldaStinta BacauStinta Bacau handball Romanian vice-champions Stinta Bacau have a new head-coach – legendary Spanish player Mateo Garralda. Ambitious Spaniard, who is famous as a hard-worker dedicated to his proffesion, coming to Romania after period in Spanish Guadalajara. He has some experience of working in KIF Kolding a few years ago also…Preparation for a new season will start on Monday, July 14. read more

first_imgSony ST21i : un nouveau smartphone d’entrée de gamme ?Certaines caractéristiques techniques du nouveau smartphones Sony, le ST2i, auraient été dévoilées sur Internet. Voici donc ce que nous réserve cet appareil.Les caractéristiques techniques du smartphone ST21i de Sony ont fuité en ligne. Connu également sous le nom de code Tapioca, cet appareil pourrait être un de ces produits low cost attirant le utilisateurs qui privilégient l’accès au web et aux réseaux sociaux lors du choix d’un smartphone.À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Car le ST21i de Sony possède des caractéristiques techniques modestes au vu de la concurrence actuelle. Sans compter celle à venir, étant donné que ce produit ne possède pas encore de date de lancement officiel. Cet appareil sera équipé d’un écran tactile 3,2 pouces affichant en résolution 320 x 480 pixels. Il sera doté d’un processeur Qualcomm MSM7227 simple coeur, cadencé à  800MHz et d’une carte graphique GPU Adreno 200.Il proposera 3 GB de stockage interne plus un slot pour accueillir une carte microSD, d’un appareil photo 3 Mégapixels, d’un enregistreur vidéo VGA, et d’une batterie 1.450 mAh. Enfin, il pourrait être doté d’Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Au vu de ces caractéristiques, cet appareil pourrait bien être vendu à un tarif raisonnable.Le 11 mai 2012 à 16:30 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

first_imgAlerte Météo France orange : l’Isère et les Hautes-Alpes placés en vigilance neige et avalancheCe week-end, Météo France a placé en vigilance orange deux départements du sud-est de la France : l’Isère et les Hautes-Alpes. De fortes chutes de neige sont attendues dans le premier tandis que le second présente un risque très fort d’avalanches. Alors qu’une bonne partie du pays a été baignée par les intempéries ce week-end, c’est une nouvelle alerte orange qu’a émise Météo France. Une alerte qu’elle a maintenue lundi matin et qui concerne deux départements du sud-est de la France : l’Isère et les Hautes-Alpes. Bien que les chutes de neige se soient raréfiées depuis l’épisode de la semaine dernière, l’Isère ne parvient pas à y échapper. Météo France a ainsi averti que de fortes chutes de neige pourraient se produire dans le département, nécessitant la plus grande vigilance, de la part des habitants et des automobilistes en particulier. “Sur l’Isère, placée en vigilance, une neige lourde et collante pourra atteindre les zones de plaine et s’accumuler au-dessus de 500 m,” ont indiqué les météorologues. Mais la “neige va aussi tomber drue sur le Jura et les Alpes et surtout de plus en plus bas sur l’est de Rhône-Alpes”, est-il précisé sur le site de Météo France.Le département des Hautes-Alpes est lui placé en alerte en raison d’un fort risque d’avalanches. La plus grande prudence est donc recommandée en montagne. Des averses fréquentesaujourd’huiÀ lire aussi(VIDÉO) Un radar détecte un nuage de coccinelles de 80 kilomètres de largeSur le reste du pays, la journée va être marquée par des averses fréquentes entrecoupées de brèves éclaircies. “Des conditions très agitées intéressent déjà les régions de l’ouest, avec de nombreux nuages et de fréquentes giboulées, localement orageuses, accompagnées d’un risque de grésil et de fortes rafales de vent d’ouest”. Côté températures, “ce matin, il fait entre -1 et 4 degrés sur une grande partie du pays, 4 à 7 sur les côtes atlantiques et le pourtour méditerranéen”, explique Météo France. Les températures maximales resteront donc encore basses pour la saison, à deux jours à peine du printemps. Le 18 mars 2013 à 10:50 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

first_img Podcasts Are TV Shows Now With ‘Limetown’ Trailer7 Icebreakers for Facebook’s New Dating Service Facebook is notoriously terrible when it comes to censorship of the naked human body, especially when it comes to pieces of the female anatomy. So it’s not surprising that a non-profit’s breast cancer awareness video was taken down because it featured female nipples.So the Swedish Cancer Society countered with a replacement ad, which featured square breasts instead of round ones.The organization posted the video earlier this week, but it was removed because, as Facebook said, the “ad can not market sex products or services nor adults products or services.”Below is a version of the original ad, which again, only includes animated depictions of breasts and does not a) market a sex product or service (breasts aren’t inherently sex objects) nor b) market an adult product or service.The organization wrote up an open letter to Facebook, in which it introduced the shape-based compromise (the original text is in Swedish, so The Guardian posted a translated version).“We understand that you have to have rules about the content published on your platform. But you must also understand that one of our main tasks is to disseminate important information about cancer–in this case breast cancer.After trying to meet your control for several days without success, we have now come up with a solution that will hopefully make you happy: Two pink squares!This can not possibly offend you, or anyone. Now we can continue to spread our important breast school without upsetting you.”Facebook later apologized for taking down the video, telling the Guardian that, “We’re very sorry, our team processes millions of advertising images each week, and in some instances we incorrectly prohibit ads. This image does not violate our ad policies. We apologize for the error and have let the advertiser know we are approving their ads.”Similar organizations have also used sneaky tactics to get their messages across without alarming social media censorship policies. The Movimiento Ayuda Cáncer de Mama (MACMA) in Argentina launched a Manboobs4boobs campaign that substituted a man’s nipples for a woman’s, since male nipples aren’t censored.Facebook has also come under fire for censoring other images, such as the famous photo of the Napalm Girl in Vietnam. Not only was the iconic image–which was included in a post-Norwegian writer Tom Egeland on the “photographs that changed the history of warfare”–taken down, but Egeland was suspended from Facebook. This was because, as the social network wrote, “any photographs of people displaying fully nude genitalia or buttocks, or fully nude female breast, will be removed.”Les Décodeurs, a data-focused website affiliated with French newspaper Le Monde, also got into a debate with Facebook over a mammogram screening story, which featured an image of an exposed female breast. While the image was restored, and the network issued an apology, it still highlights a problem with Facebook’s nudity policies: that the female breast is inherently sexual and pornographic.Facebook’s policies have also been used to censor Black Lives Matter posts and to highlight fake news posts, so it has a lot of work to do. Its regulations regarding inappropriate images and posts are too broad and blunt and leave no room for educational, medical posts or topics of historical significance.Although I suppose it leaves room for clever ways to get around that system. Stay on targetlast_img read more

first_imgStay on target Star Wars x Adidas Ultraboost Photos Have Leaked’Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form In a world where Colonel Sanders is a weird fake KFC Instagram influencer now, there’s really nothing that’s off the table when it comes to #brands making their deeply unhealthy food seem hip and with it. And when it comes to food that’s super bad for you but still deeply, nostalgically ingrained in culture, Coca-Cola soda is at the top of the list.Something else that’s also arguably rotting us away with its sugary, corporate vice-grip on culture is Star Wars. This past weekend we got enough Star Wars news to send us into shock at the annual Star Wars Celebration. But in-between reveals of new movies and video games and streaming shows, something else caught our attention because of just how weird it is.Check out these new sci-fi redesigns of Coca-Cola products for the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme parks.Disney’s theme parks (Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida) are massive, beloved, hugely profitable institutions even separate from the rest of the Mouse House’s empire. They throw visitors into fantasy worlds where you feel like something bad might happen to the character performers if any child gets a peak behind the curtain. They made a whole horror movie about it called Escape From Tomorrow.So you better believe that as soon as Disney bought Star Wars plans were in motion to expand the parks with the galaxy that nerds of ages desperately dream to escape to. Star Wars Celebration revealed a plethora of new details on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge from new John Williams music to rides where players cooperate to fly the Millennium Falcon to Yoda showing up to offer wisdom.But the theme park values immersion above all else. So that’s why if you want to order a Coke or Sprite, instead of getting it in a boring old Earth can you’ll instead drink from one of these custom grenade-looking things covered in Star Wars language. The Coke #brand is so recognizable you don’t even need to be able to read it. Plus, since Galaxy’s Edge is one of the only places at Disney parks to buy booze, you can make Space Rum and Coke.Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and its specialty soda is opening May 31 at Disneyland and August 29 at Disney World. For more on Star Wars watch the first trailers for Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker and the video game Jedi: Fallen Order.last_img read more

3 students win cooking contest at Hialeah school

first_imgHIALEAH, FLA. (WSVN) – Three South Florida students shared their recipe for success in the kitchen as part of a cooking contest that highlighted the importance of healthy eating.The children from Palm Lakes Elementary School in Hialeah were recognized, Tuesday, for their winning entries in the Healthy Recipe Contest, sponsored by the Health Foundation of South Florida. Students and faculty got the chance to sample the young chefs’ creations, which included lemon chicken, glazed carrots and curry rice.Winning fourth-grader Abigail Freis said the secret to victory is to keep it simple. “We were thinking something easy to cook, something nutritional, something fun that everyone would like,” she said.The contest provided students, teachers and cafeteria managers from Miami-Dade County Public Schools the chance to share their favorite healthy recipes using produce grown in their school gardens. .@MDCPSNorth @Palm_Lakes award winning chefs pause for a photo #FoodandNutrition @EducationFund @MiretRogelio pic.twitter.com/kXmCLxfGHn— Palm Lakes Elem. (@Palm_Lakes) June 6, 2016Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

WHS BASEBALL Wildcats Edge Belmont Led By Stokess Arm Marinos Smiths Bats

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington High School Varsity Baseball team (2-1) picked up its second win of the series by defeating Belmont High, 5-4, on Wednesday, April 17, 2019.Senior center fielder Pete Marino smashed a 2-run walk-off double with the bases loaded and one out in the bottom of the 7th to give Wilmington the victory.Starter Chris Stokes went the distance, striking out 9 and walking 2. He gave up 7 hits and 4 runs (2 earned).Bailey Smith went 2-for-4 with a double and 2 RBI. He stole his fifth stolen base in just three games. Marino ended up 1-for-4 with 3 RBI, a run scored and a stolen base.  Stokes, Tristan Ciampa, Nico Piazza and Gavin Kelsey each contributed a hit of their own.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWHS BASEBALL: “Red Dog” Tosses 4-Hitter As Wildcats Defeat RedmenIn “Sports”WHS BASEBALL: Wildcats Crush Wakefield, Improve To 4-1In “Sports”WHS BASEBALL: Wildcats Win Middlesex League Freedom Division Championship, Improve To 13-3In “Sports”last_img read more

Scores ill schools closed in Malaysia due to toxic fumes

first_imgKUALA LUMPUR: Scores of people have fallen ill and hundreds of schools have been closed in Malaysia due to toxic fumes believed to have come from a chemical factory, authorities said Tuesday. It was the second serious incident involving poisonous gas in Pasir Gudang district, in southern Johor state, in three months after thousands of people became sick in March when waste was dumped in a river and emitted noxious fumes. Also Read – Shahid Afridi joins ‘Kashmir Hour’ in military uniform Advertise With Us Residents first noticed the fumes wafting across the industrial area late last week and many people, including school children, started vomiting and developing breathing difficulties. Johor chief minister Sahruddin Jamal said 75 people had so far been sent to hospital for treatment, according to official news agency Bernama.Authorities have now ordered the closure of all 475 educational institutions in the area until Thursday, including three institutes of higher education, 111 public schools, 14 private schools and 347 kindergartens. Also Read – EAM Jaishankar calls on European Parliament President David Sassoli Advertise With Us The latest incident is not believed to be linked to the first. Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad vowed to act against those responsible. “It seems like there are factories that are not very concerned about safety,” he said. “We have to identify those responsible for causing pollution and take stern action against them.” Residents expressed anger over the latest toxic leak. Advertise With Us “This is also affecting our livelihood as many people are shying away from buying food in this area,” Normah Ahmad, a 63-year-old trader, told The Star newspaper. “I hope the authorities will take this seriously.” It was not clear what had caused the latest incident. Sahruddin said authorities were investigating 30 chemical factories in the area. After the March incident, three men were arrested and charged over dumping waste.last_img read more

3day AP ASICON concludes at KL University

first_imgVijayawada: The three-day conference of Association of Surgeons of India State Chapter ‘AP ASICON’ concluded at the KL University on Sunday. Nearly 1,500 surgeons from across the state and nearly 1,200 medical students and about 1,000 delegates attended the conference in the last 3 days. The experts explained the latest developments and techniques in the laparoscopic surgeries in different entities through the power point presentation. The scholars presented 550 papers and posters at the conference. Also Read – TDP to open shelters for victims of attacks Advertise With Us On the concluding of the conference, the organisers announced the best paper presentation. On this occasion, the organisers felicitated 10 senior surgeons on the stage. ASI –AP President Dr KRC Naidu, President-elect, Dr K Tirumala Prasad, Honourable Secretary Dr DSVL Narasimham, Treasurer Dr G Rammohan, Organising chairman, APASICON-2019, Dr TJ Prasanna Kumar and others were present.last_img read more

first_imgSalman Khan and Priyanka ChopraYouTubeWhile the media, publicists, industry people and fans have moved on from Priyanka Chopra’s magnanimous wedding with Nick Jonas, it seems, Bollywood star Salman Khan hasn’t been able to move on. Salman’s constant rant against Priyanka’s decision to opt out and Katrina’s inclusion at the last moment in his film Bharat is a fair reminder of his hurt ego.While we expected Katrina Kaif to come out in Priyanka’s support, her statement defending Salman has not gone down well with her fans or us.Let’s take a look at why we feel Katrina shouldn’t have defended Salman here at all.- Don’t boost Salman’s inflated ego and pride: When Salman took a jibe at Priyanka Chopra, citing her decision to opt out of the project at the ‘nick of time’, we all couldn’t help but smile at his humour. The second time Salman spoke about Priyanka’s sudden exit, we understood how he must have felt dejected since as per his version, Priyanka was the one who had called Salman’s sister to be a part of the project. But, when Salman just refused to let Priyanka be, the humour ceased to be ‘good humour’ and started tilting towards his ‘male ego and pride’.- Subjected to same negativity: Katrina Kaif isn’t new to Salman’s snob behaviour either. When Katrina had moved on from Salman Khan to get into a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor, she had been subjected to the same kind of toxicity by Salman. Not only he mentioned her at several interviews but also didn’t hesitate in making unpleasant remarks at her relationship with the Kapoor scion.- Not just a replacement: Salman’s constant mentions about how Katrina was brought in when Priyanka decided to leave at the last minute, serves as a constant reminder of how she was just a replacement and wasn’t the original choice.last_img read more

MLKThemed Study Reveals States with the Most Racial Progress

first_imgBy Stacy M. Brown, NNPA Newswire Correspondent@StacyBrownMediaWith Martin Luther King Jr. Day around the corner and 58 percent of Americans saying increased diversity makes the United States a better place (while only 9 percent say it makes the U.S. worse), the personal-finance website WalletHub has released its report on 2019’s States with the Most Racial Progress.New Mexico, West Virginia, Hawaii, Kentucky and Texas – in that order – were the states listed as being the most racially integrated, while Wyoming, Texas, New Mexico, Georgia and Mississippi—in that order – were listed as states with the most racial progress.The District of Columbia has the lowest gap in homeownership rates between whites and blacks, at 13.41 percent while Connecticut has made the most progress in closing this gap since 1970, with a change of 8.25 percent, according to the report released on Tuesday, Jan. 15.President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the 1964 Civil Rights Act as Martin Luther King, Jr., and others, look on, July 2, 1964. (Photo: Cecil Stoughton, White House Press Office (WHPO), via Wikimedia Commons)Hawaii enjoys the lowest gap in median annual household incomes between whites and blacks, at 7.74 percent, and has made the most progress in closing this gap since 1979, with a change of 33.19 percent.Meanwhile, South Dakota has the lowest gap in unemployment rates between whites and blacks, at 0.85 percent and North Dakota has made the most progress in closing this gap since 1970, with a change of 12.94 percent.Hawaii has the lowest gap in poverty rates between whites and blacks, at 0.87 percent and Mississippi has made the most progress in closing this gap since 1970, with a change of 24.80 percent, according to the report.New Mexico has the lowest gap in the share of adults 25 years and over with at least a bachelor’s degree between whites and blacks, at 0.83 percent, and has made the most progress in closing this gap since 1970, with a change of 5.71 percent.To measure America’s progress in harmonizing racial groups, WalletHub researchers measured the gaps between blacks and whites across 22 key indicators of equality and integration in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.The data set ranges from median annual income to standardized-test scores to voter turnout.In light of the high-profile police-brutality incidents that sparked the Black Lives Matter movement and the holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the report only examines the differences between blacks and whites.In overall rankings of the most racially integrated states, the District of Columbia finished last while Wisconsin, Maine, Iowa and Minnesota were among the worst five.The survey also listed those with the highest voter turnout gap in the 2016 presidential election: D.C., Connecticut, Kansas, Wisconsin, and Washington state – and the states with the lowest voter turnout gap: Kentucky, Alabama, South Carolina, Nevada, Colorado and Texas.Hawaii, Wyoming, New Mexico, Texas and Maryland had the lowest poverty rate, while North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Maine had the highest poverty rate.The report authors wrote that in 1963, King introduced the world to his dream of a colorblind society — one that focuses on character, not on complexion. However, they said, segregation and discrimination continue to persist.The authors also noted that views on systemic racism differ sharply across racial lines. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, 92 percent of blacks said that “whites benefit a great deal or a fair amount from advantages that blacks do not have.”In contrast, only 46 percent of whites agreed with that statement.“The racial wealth gap between blacks and whites in the U.S. is due to structural racism, which have advantaged average white families and historically restricted wealth building opportunities among blacks,” said Caryn Bell, a WalletHub expert and assistant professor in the department of African American Studies at the University of Maryland.“Some of these policies were ‘color-blind’ but at times inadvertently — and many times specifically — restricted blacks from these opportunities,” Bell said. “Because wealth building is generational, the policies and programs of the past that advantaged whites and restricted blacks have effects today and are the root causes of the huge racial wealth gap we see today,” she said.The key to addressing racial inequality is acknowledging the existence of race-based inequities, said Mamadi Corra, a professor in the sociology department at East Carolina University.“But acknowledging the existence of racial inequality also requires following up with actions aimed at mitigating it,” Corra said.“It follows that states that have been more successful are those that acknowledge the existence of racial inequality, and also follow this acknowledgement with actions to address inequality. And, I think it begins with education. Without directly naming any states, some have actively reduced support for public education, while others have increased or, at the least, maintained support,” he said.To view the full report, click here.Excerpt:To measure America’s progress in harmonizing racial groups, WalletHub researchers measured the gaps between blacks and whites across 22 key indicators of equality and integration in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.Photo Caption:President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the 1964 Civil Rights Act as Martin Luther King, Jr., and others, look on, July 2, 1964. Photo: Cecil Stoughton, White House Press Office (WHPO), via Wikimedia CommonsWebsite Tags and Keywords:Stacy M. Brown, WalletHub, Martin Luther King Jr., racial progress, survey, MLK-themed study, gaps between blacks and whites, Pew Research Center, Mamadi CorraHashtags:@StacyBrownMedia @NNPA_BlackPress @pewresearch @wallethub @corramamdilast_img read more